Edition 12: Editorial

Congratulations to those that won the election to represent our campus through ASI.

Here at The Cougar Chronicle we believe that our elected officials deserve the positions they were elected as. For one, they all display an intrinsic motivation and deep desire to better and maintain the values on our campus.

Many of our elected officials have been part of ASI’s Board of Directors and have displayed their drive for a better environment for current and incoming students.

To those who didn’t get the position they campaigned for there are always other opportunities to get involved, especially within ASI. Your efforts and drive to better this campus is also noted and appreciated.

Campaigning for this election seems tougher due to the low voting turnout that we get on campus. Many students on our campus don’t really know much about ASI which is why this last election ended up having only about 1,700 student votes out of nearly 14,000 students according to the results data from the CSUSM website.


This low voting turnout can make the results bias in its own way. Not saying that those who won the election didn’t deserve it, however, it seems to have turned into a popularity contest. The more people you know, the more likely it is for you to get votes.


One may counter that argument by stating it might be more about the level of campaigning elected officials have done rather than how many people they know. It all goes hand in hand though.


I digress, those who were elected rightfully got the position they campaigned for because of those who actually voted. Regardless, we are excited to see what you all collectively do for the student body and the rest of the university.

Hats off to you all and we wish you the best for next academic year!