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Entertainment Rundown

Annelisa Zamora, A&E Editor

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Show: Love, Death and Robots

Netflix’s new anthology series premiered March 15 with 18 episodes ranging from 6 to 17 minute long. The series is funny, vulgar, gory, heartfelt, entertaining and definitely not safe for work. Each episode is an independent story that deals with sci-fi and dystopian themes.. The uniqueness of the show lies in the array of animation styles utilized: not one episode looks like the other. The series makes for a great quick binge, but you’re going to wish you had drawn it out once you’re done.

Music: “Patience” by Tame Impala

Four years after the release of their album, Currents, Tame Impala released their newest single “Patience.” Opening up with a piano riff worthy of a spot on an Elton John record, the song cleverly mixes sounds of house music and psychedelic pop. Just in time for warmer weather, “Patience” is the kind of song you play with the windows rolled down and your hands outside the car.

Podcast: “Blackout”

Starring Rami Malek and written by Scott Conroy, “Blackout” premiered March 19 and is a cinematic podcast set in an apocalyptic small-town community and tells the story of the chaos following a massive power outage. In a world without cell service or reliable electricity, radio DJ,  Simon, (Malek) documents his experience. The sound design of this podcast makes the experience just as immersive as the script. The series is set to have eight episodes with new episodes being released releasing every Tuesday.

Book: “Hot Milk”

Written by Deborah Levy, “Hot Milk” examines a young woman’s insecurities , her poor relationship with her mother, her mother’s unexplained illness and a trip to Spain that is meant to fix it all. The book came out in 2016 but its poignant themes are still relevant today. . Levy’s writing style and understanding of the characters make for a great read full of symbolism and life realizations.