International Student from France Shares His Experience as a Student Abroad


On his journey from France to California, Cedric Cescutti encountered a flight delay at his stop in Manchester. Cescutti noted that it was a disappointing start for his journey but this did not kill his excitement or his confidence to study abroad in the United States for the first time. 


On Aug. 13 he arrived and remembered one of the first sights he saw in southern California. 

“It was an ad sign for marijuana. I know that in California marijuana is legal, which is not in France. It wasn’t very surprising because I knew it was legal but, yeah… it was pretty funny,” said Cescutti.


He shared that although his home currently resides at the border of Paris at VilleJuif, he was born in the French countryside of Curtil-Vergy. Where he spent his childhood playing with friends in the woods and developing a sense with computers. 


Cescutti’s father, a man skilled in math and science, also instilled in him a thirst for knowledge throughout his youth. “My dad inspired me in the more general way to seek knowledge almost everywhere… but because I used computers since I was a little kid, that has inspired me to do computer science.” 


Cescutti’s youth spent with computers and the encouragement to seek knowledge eventually led him to Epitech. A private school where he is finishing his master’s degree in computer science. Cescutti stated that as part of his graduate studies it is mandatory to finish his fourth year of academics overseas. This resulted in his current progress in completing computer science and English courses here at Cal State San Marcos. 


Cescutti further shared that his goals when studying abroad are the pursuit of knowledge, English and fun. He stated that that studying abroad allows oneself personal improvement.“When I came here everything is fresh… it’s a fresh start. I can try new things to improve myself… it’s the perfect terrain for personal improvement,” said Cescutti. 


He noted that despite this semester being his first time in the United States, it is not the first time he has been exposed to American culture. “American culture is all over the world… I think young French people know many things about American culture than what you would know about French culture… With my friends, for example, every Marvel movie is watched in English. Netflix is also watched in English too,” Cescutti said.


However, as with any experience in a new country, adjustments are made along the way. “I feel like it’s kind of hard to get to know American people… everyone is very busy…  I have to be proactive. You have to be very proactive in meeting people,” said Cescutti.


Despite these differences, Cescutti credits them as part of everyday life, because to him every day is a learning experience. It is a way of adaptation. 


When asked about his overall experience, Cescutti shared that it is an experience that is worth having, “If you got the chance, definitely do it…. That would be an experience where you will evolve… You will discover stuff about yourself because you’re gonna see the difference. If I’m a fish and I live all my life in water, I cannot truly comprehend what water is if I have not been outside of water.”