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A tribute to some of our graduating seniors

May 2, 2020

Thank you to all the graduating seniors who took the time to share some of their most valuable memories with us. We asked some of you to share positive moments that you experienced during your academic...

ASI Cougar Pantry provides food for students during pandemic

May 2, 2020

As of April 22, ASI Cougar Pantry resumed operations but due to health and safety measures, the food distributions will only be conducted via a drive-through. Food will be available every Wednesday from...

Cougar Care Network continues to provide for students during COVID-19

April 17, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly made an impact on the public’s health, however, the effects of the virus don’t end there. Thousands of Americans may find themselves financially impacted. These...

Magne Wallacher explains what the public students here are doing to further research COVID-19 and ways to fix it.

International public health student shares insight on coronavirus pandemic

April 5, 2020

Magne Wallacher, a graduate student of the CSUSM’s Master’s in Public Health, shared his opinions on how COVID-19 is currently affecting our communities. He believes that the practice of social distancing...

Altaf Safi is finding a home here at CSUSM and is appreciative for the chance to explore more opportunities in California.

Ties to home make study abroad a smoother transition for Dubai native

February 21, 2020

For Altaf Safi, the trip from Dubai to Southern California was an international journey filled with layovers at Istanbul, London and a final stop at Los Angeles. Safi was born and raised in Dubai and...

Simple steps for a more productive semester

February 7, 2020

The start of a new decade brings along new year’s resolutions which may include: eating better, being more physically active or getting better grades but let’s be honest with ourselves: old habits...

Salads are an easy and delicious meal for students to make.

Meal plan on a student budget and schedule

February 7, 2020

Eating healthy may sound intimidating to all of us amateur cooks out there. It may also seem expensive on top of all the textbook rentals a student goes through in a semester but with a little planning...

Senior Mekala Leuhmunn found her place in the TLC here on cam- pus.

Tukwut member shares insight on what it takes to be a campus leader

December 7, 2019

As a peer leader and student specialist, Mekala Lehmunn certainly has her hands full. But, for her, maintaining the balance between work, volunteering and academics is worth it. She said, “It can be...

Stralen Cayla Haupt (left) and Taylor Stark (right) provide students with tips for healthy eating.

Organizations inform students on health and wellness for the holidays

December 7, 2019

Eat Well Eat Wise educated students on healthy eating during the holidays and provided resources from local health organizations to those suffering from eating disorders at the USU on Nov. 26 from 11:30...

Graduate student Bryan Guilliod  appreciated the experiences that being abroad has given him.

International student from Paris shares his experiences

November 22, 2019

When recalling his flight from Paris to Southern California, graduate student Bryan Guilliod remembers feeling nervous about studying abroad in the United States for the very first time. He and three...

Global Student from Moscow Shares His Time Abroad

Global Student from Moscow Shares His Time Abroad

November 9, 2019

The journey from Moscow to Southern California was one filled with excitement for Mikhail Elerdashvili. This, however, was not his first experience abroad in the United States.    “I was...

International Student from France Shares His Experience as a Student Abroad

International Student from France Shares His Experience as a Student Abroad

October 30, 2019

On his journey from France to California, Cedric Cescutti encountered a flight delay at his stop in Manchester. Cescutti noted that it was a disappointing start for his journey but this did not kill his...

Stacey Strubhar found her place by working with the O-team here on campus.

CSUSM Orientation Team member encourages campus participation

October 10, 2019

Three years ago, Stacey Strubhar transferred to Cal State San Marcos. It was this very campus where she experienced excitement but also some nervousness as she chose to continue her academics here at CSUSM.    “I...

Affordable and easy breakfast ideas for a college student’s budget

September 25, 2019

  The morning rush is stressful for many students and faculty members of our campus. If you scramble for time in figuring out what to eat for breakfast, meal prepping could be the solution for...

Clear The Air students advocate a smoke-free campus.

Students learn about local health services and risks of substance abuse

September 25, 2019

Students gathered at the USU Arcade for Let’s Talk About It, an event set up by the Student Health and Counseling Services to spread awareness about the risks of alcohol and smoking while providing information...

Campus Recreation provides students a way to stay fit, healthy and active on campus

September 17, 2019

Students gathered at the Forum Plaza for Rec Fest to learn and experience how they could be involved with Campus Recreation on Sept. 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The outdoor event felt unpleasant...

Climate change, it’s on us

April 12, 2019

Is climate change a myth? What records tell us is that it is no myth, it is our reality. The argument isn’t whether or not climate change is here. It already is here.   According to National...

Online users should take control on media influences of body image

March 25, 2019

These days it is easy to find a link between media and its effect on body image.   We are exposed to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram almost on a daily basis. On those platforms, online...

Student led solutions to tackle environmental injustic

March 25, 2019

When students were asked if they lived within one mile of a freeway, or if anyone in their family has asthma, or were required to use hazardous materials at work, a majority of students stood.   This...

CALM makes affordable textbooks an option for students

March 7, 2019

A CSUSM initiative called Cougars Affordable Learning Materials (CALM) Project encourages and aids faculty to reduce the costs of their textbooks.   The event, CALMing Textbook Costs served...

Study Abroad Fair provides students with options

February 20, 2019

Querétaro, Seoul and Florence are some cities that perhaps most students at CSUSM can only dream of visiting.   The idea of traveling is something that many college students cannot consider...

Valentine’s Day can cause financial stress for people in relationships.

Valentine’s Day comes with a price tag

February 8, 2019

According to a National Retail Federation survey, people are expected to spend an average of $161.96 this coming Valentine’s Day.   Total national spending is even expected to reach $20.7...

People who are single on Valentine’s Day have no reason to be

Take pressure off yourself for being single on Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2019

If you are reading this section of the newspaper, chances are you might be single. If you aren’t, then look away. Those who are single on campus, don’t freak out this coming Valentine’s Day!   According...

The animated superhero film stars Shameik Moore as Miles Morales and Jake Johnson as Spider-man.

Spider-Verse delivers heartfelt story

February 7, 2019

If you’re someone who pays attention to pop-culture, chances are you can recount the origin story of Spider-Man pretty easily.   It’s a modern-day classic tale. Boy gets bitten by radioactive...

Real Monsters Art Exhibit displays posters to raise awareness about mental health disorders on Halloweenfest on Oct. 30.

Halloweenfest educates students on responsible drinking

November 7, 2018

Think before you drink.   A day prior to Halloween, the Halloweenfest provided students the opportunity to learn to party safely and learn their blood alcohol content limits.   Hosted...

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