Get into the festive spirit with these craft ideas



Bring the holiday spirit into your home with these DIY crafts.

The holiday season is fast approaching and soon there will be time to relax and take some focus off of academic pressures.

If you find yourself with a moment of spare time and want to prepare for the holidays, then try adding some holiday decor to your home. Here are a couple of ideas you can try out.

You could try making a snow globe. Here are the supplies you will need: a glass jar, a little figurine to place inside the snow globe, glitter, hot glue, sequins, water, a spoon and glycerin. (This is optional but it may help the glitter float inside the jar.)

The first step is to glue the figurine to the inside of the lid of the jar. Then add cold water to the jar.

Next, add one to two teaspoons of glitter to the water and put in a few drops of glycerin. Lastly, screw the lid onto the jar tightly.

You can also glue the lid down to ensure that it does not open. Once it’s right side up, you have your very own custom snow globe.

Another thing you could try is making a gingerbread cookie ornament.

For this craft, all you need for this is gingerbread dough (you can Google the recipe or use store-bought dough) a cookie cutter and a piece of thin ribbon. If you want to decorate the cookie you will need glue and glitter.

The first step for this craft is to make or prepare the gingerbread dough. Then, cut out the gingerbread into the shape you want, poking a small hole at the top.

Bake the dough according to the specifications of the recipe you find.

Once they cool, you can decorate using the glue and the glitter. Or you can just put a piece of ribbon through the hole you made at the top to hang up as a decoration.

If crafting isn’t your thing, you can always bake the cookies and eat them instead.