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Sasha Anand, Features Editor

Sasha Anand is a third year Literature and Writing major and Spanish minor. She aspires to pursue a writing  or teaching career in the future. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and spending time with her family and friends. This is her third year working with The Cougar Chronicle.
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STICKER is the third studio album from Korean subunit NCT 127.

Entertainment Rundown 9/30

September 30, 2021

Album: STICKER by Marbella Ramirez NCT 127, a Korean subunit belonging to global themed boy group NCT, released their long-awaited third full-length album STICKER on Sept. 17. The album consists...

A salad is a simple and easy thing to make on the go. Put it in a mason jar and it’s ready to eat wherever you are

Salad Jars: A quick and healthy meal

May 10, 2021

Meals can be hard to make, especially when you have a busy schedule and are on the go.  Oftentimes, people sacrifice the nutritional value of food for the convenience factor. Salads are a simple and...

 Repurposing an old T-shirt into a pillowcase is a great way to take a break from stress and a great way to show off those T-shirts that are taking up space in your closet.

Try out these crafts to decorate your home

May 3, 2021

As the semester is winding down, things may be getting more stressful. If you are looking for a way to relax, here are a few quick and easy crafts you can do.  Make a pillow cover out of a T-shirt If...

Productions on Pexels
Pamper your pooch with this simple dog treat recipe. It only requires three ingredients and your pup is sure to enjoy it.

Treat your pup to this delicious snack

April 26, 2021

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and everyone wants to spoil their dogs once in a while. If you are looking for a way to pamper your pooch, here is a very simple dog treat recipe you can make with...

Smoothies are a great way to give you a boost of energy for your day. The next time youre in a rush, try this recipe out.

Prep a quick smoothie to jumpstart your day

April 11, 2021

If you are ever stuck on what to make yourself for breakfast while you’re on the go, smoothies are a great option. They are quick and easy to make, and depending on what you put in them, they can be...

Mirin Cafe in Escondido offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine. From ramen to sushi, theres something for everyone to enjoy.

REVIEW: Get a taste of Japan at Mirin Cafe

April 11, 2021

With restaurants opening up once again, you may be looking for another good place to eat. If you like Asian cuisine, try out Mirin Cafe in Escondido.  Mirin Cafe is a Japanese restaurant that serves...

Getting good sleep is very important to your success, so if you struggle with feeling rested, try some of these tips.

Get better sleep with these tips

March 21, 2021

Getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done, so if you are having trouble sleeping, you should try some of these tips.  1. Increase bright light exposure during the day Getting enough...

This ultimate comfort food may be the very thing that you need at the end of a long day and with this Instant Pot recipe, it just got easier to make.

Try this delicious and easy mac and cheese recipe

March 21, 2021

Something that everyone could use these days is a bit of comfort food, and one of the ultimate comfort foods is macaroni and cheese. This simple recipe makes the process hands-off for the most part and...

Try and make this healthy alternative to a doughnut, perfect for a midday treat or late night snack.

Indulge your sweet tooth with these healthier doughnuts

March 13, 2021

Doughnuts are a beloved American dessert, something to treat yourself with at the end of a tough week. But unfortunately they aren't healthy. So, here’s a healthier doughnut recipe made of banana bread...

Mama Kat’s restaurant in San Marcos is a great place to find delicious food in a comforting environment.

REVIEW: Bring comfort home with Mama Kat’s restaurant

March 7, 2021

If you are looking for a new place to eat or a way to give you a comforting sense of home, look no further than Mama Kat’s restaurant, located in San Marcos.  According to their website, the restaurant...

This healthy alternative to a normal peanut butter cup is a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth, without the guilt.

Make this healthy alternative to a peanut butter cup

March 7, 2021

Peanut butter cups are a beloved American treat that many people enjoy. But if you are trying to make a healthier option, then this recipe is the one for you. It only requires a few ingredients and does...

Get a laugh from these dad jokes

March 6, 2021

If you need a quick laugh to brighten your day, here are a few “Dad Jokes.” Q: Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded in France? A: There was nothing left but de Brie.   Q:...

Paola Ochoa works in her family-owned restaurant while also starting her own small business making custom chocolate covered strawberries.

Student inspired by family restaurant

February 27, 2021

Many of us are still at home working and with the pandemic having closed a lot of businesses, the ones who are fortunate enough to still have their businesses are counting their blessings. CSUSM student...

Make your life easier with these useful tips

February 27, 2021

There are little things in life that are more complicated than they need to be. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you get those simple tasks done efficiently.  How to make your own ice or...

Celebrate Valentines Day with festive gluten-free sugar cookies.

Give yourself a special treat with these gluten-free Valentine’s cookies

February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are looking for a treat to make for a special someone or simply for yourself, here is a fun recipe for sugar cookies for you to make, with a little...

Senior Veronica Villar is a childhood and adolescent development major passionate about working with special needs kids. (Photo courtesy of Veronica Villar)

Cougar of the Week: Q&A with CSUSM student Veronica Villar

February 8, 2021

Read a quick Q&A with CSUSM fourth-year child and adolescent development student Veronica Villar where she discusses her plans for after graduation and more.  Why did you choose to major in childhood...

Fish Vera Cruz here in San Marcos is a great opportunity to get a taste of fine, fresh seafood, and since they are now offering takeout options, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

Local restaurant, Fish House Vera Cruz, offers a treat from the sea

February 7, 2021

With everyone staying inside, you may have been dabbling in some home cooking or takeout or maybe a combination of the two.  If you are tired of your usual takeout orders, here is a new suggestion...

Take a break from your busy schedule and get a laugh out of these jokes.

Need a break? Laugh a bit with these jokes

December 7, 2020

Who’s there? Control Freak. Con… OK, now you say, “Control Freak who?”    Hear about the new restaurant called Karma? There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.   A...

Decorate your home for the holidays with these ideas to make cool ornaments for your tree.

Decorate your home for the holidays with these tips

December 6, 2020

It seems like a lot of people are getting into the holiday spirit this year, and if you want to get ahead on your holiday decorating, here are a few ideas you can use.  Pinecone Ornaments For these,...

Do you ever crave a snack, but youre trying to be healthy? Make these quick and nutritious snacks that will keep you full and give you energy to get you through your day.

Healthy snacks to get you through finals

December 6, 2020

With the end of the semester fast approaching, you are probably super busy with finals, papers and exams alike. If you’re looking for something to snack on while you get your work done, here are a few...

Donating is a great way to give back to the community and it will help those in need, especially given the pandemic.

Help others this holiday season through donations

December 6, 2020

With the Christmas season coming up, many people will not be able to provide for their family in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to toys, due to the pandemic.  If you are looking for a few...

Take a trip back in time with these nostalgic quotes from some famous people and beloved TV show characters talking about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving quotes to get into the spirit

November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday full of classic traditions, but it will look a lot different this year.  Many people cannot visit with their family members due to the pandemic. However, here are a few...

CSUSM alumna Yvonne Villalobos makes homemade Disney ears, combining her passions for crafting and all things Disney.

Alum opens Disney-themed small business during pandemic

November 23, 2020

These days everyone is trying to find ways to fill up their time.  Whether it be it work, school or a new hobby, keeping busy is a very useful tool in staying sane while stuck at home. And, if you...

Feeling like you are a fraud is a common feeling among people, especially those that put pressure for themselves to be perfect all the time.

Cope with imposter syndrome in healthy ways

November 23, 2020

Do you have difficulties accepting your accomplishments and acknowledging your skills? According to the American Psychological Association, “Impostor phenomenon occurs among high achievers who are...

Even though we may not be able to spend time with all our loved ones this year, these drinks will bring the holiday spirit to your Thanksgiving table.

Spice up your Thanksgiving meal with these drinks

November 22, 2020

With Thanksgiving coming up, the holidays are going to look different. Nonetheless, you can still have a small, safe and socially distanced celebration in your home with these festive drinks.  Make...

Mindfulness is a useful tactic that can help you destress and forget the crazy things that are going on, just for a moment. It is a way to center yourself and set yourself up for success.

Practice mindfulness with these free apps

November 7, 2020

Mindfulness is becoming a bigger trend these days with the stress of the world bearing down on everyone. Some days you just need a break, a moment to unwind, a moment to yourself. And, since you’re rarely...

Fall is here again and even if you cant go out to get a Starbucks drink due to the pandemic, here are a few vegan options that you can make quickly from your house.

Try a vegan spin on these Starbucks drinks

November 7, 2020

With the fall season well underway, many people find comfort in Starbucks drinks (the most famous being the pumpkin spice latte). However, most, if not all, of the drinks that Starbucks has to offer contain...

Get into the spooky season with these jokes

October 24, 2020

Q: Why did the vampire read the newspaper?  A: He heard it had great circulation. Q: How do vampires get around on Halloween? A: On blood vessels. Q: What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire? A:...

You can create festive pumpkins without carving them.

Pumpkin decoration ideas to try this season

October 24, 2020

Halloween is fast approaching and you may be wondering what to do to celebrate since parties are probably not going to be happening as much this year. Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween tradition...

 COVID has impacted every aspect of daily life this year and Halloween is no exception, prompting some CSUSM students to celebrate differently than usual.

COVID-19 impacts students’ Halloween celebrations

October 24, 2020

Halloween is a time for celebrating, but with the current pandemic, many won’t be celebrating in the ways that they are used to.  Many people do not feel comfortable inviting friends over, although...

Pumpkin spice lattes are a staple fall beverage but can get pricey really quickly. Here’s an easy recipe you can make from the comfort of your home.

Get your pumpkin spice fix with this cheaper alternative

October 10, 2020

It’s that time of year again, the time when the leaves change and the pumpkins emerge.  With the leaves and the pumpkins come the seasonal drinks. The pumpkin spice latte is probably the most popular...

Jokes to brighten your day

October 10, 2020

Today, my son asked “Can I have a bookmark?” and I burst into tears. 11 years old and he still doesn't know my name is Brian. If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of...

Decorate your home with this festive wreath. Not only is it pretty to look at, but making it also provides a nice distraction from schoolwork.

Get ready for autumn with this festive craft

October 10, 2020

The fall season has arrived and even though the weather has not cooled down yet, you may want to get into the autumn spirit to boost your mood during these uncertain times or just to take a break from...

Vanessa Arboleda took over the Writing Center’s Instagram to answer student’s questions.

Writing Center tutor shares helpful advice

September 28, 2020

CSUSM has a lot of resources for students and faculty to use to make the transition to virtual instruction easier.  The Writing Center hosted a Takeover Tuesday on their Instagram account led by one...

Getting a snack in during a break from classes or something sweet at the end of the day can be a great way to treat yourself.

Try these quick and easy recipes for a sweet treat

September 28, 2020

This article was modified on 10/2/2020   With everything going on in the world right now, sometimes you just need a treat to keep you going. But you don’t always have time to go out and get...

Dealing with creative burnout can be hard but here are some ways to combat it.

Get rid of creative burnout with these tips

September 28, 2020

Many people are turning to different methods of relaxation to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of you may be channeling your creative sides. This is a good way to help relieve stress but after a...

Make sure to remember to get in a nutritious meal. With these quick and easy recipes, you can get in a healthy bite in between Zoom meetings.

Healthy snacks to keep your body motivated

September 11, 2020

Time is something that many people do not have enough of these days, and because of this, many important things get pushed aside. One of the most common things that often gets forgotten about is nutrition.    Most...

Even though the switch to online learning has been challenging, these tips can help make it a bit easier.

Ways to successfully manage online learning

September 11, 2020

A lot has changed in the world recently and with the different style of learning put in place this semester, it can be even more stressful staying on top of classes and assignments. Here are a few things...

Laugh a little with these jokes

September 11, 2020

If you’re tired of your schoolwork, job or just need a laugh, take a look at these jokes:    Q: Why did the sun skip college? A: It already has a million degrees.   Q: What...

Take some time to unwind with a fun craft, or a nice snack.

Take time to unwind with playdough craft

September 11, 2020

Stress relief is an important part of self care and these days especially, it can be hard to stop and relax. Things such as stress balls or fidget spinners are popular toys that people use to de-stress....

Cutting down on spending and decluttering your living space can help clear your mind as well as help you fi nd a new sense of appreci- ation for what you have, especially during these uncertain times.

Learn the importance of minimalism

May 2, 2020

According to the website becomingminimalist.com, “Minimalism is countercultural. It is contrary to every advertisement we have ever seen because we live in a society that prides itself on the accumulation...

Take your mind off of academics and the strange situations of the world and try a few of these ideas while in self isolation.

COVID-19 has shifted the worlds of students and staff members

April 17, 2020

While society is currently still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, classes have now returned in an online format. However, if you need a break from schoolwork and lesson planning, here are some...

During this time, you may want to try something new or to take your mind off of the current situation in the world.

Crafts to keep you busy during self-isolation

April 5, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading and no real end to the self-isolation period insight, you may find yourself with a bit more free time now that you are not having to attend classes on campus. Keeping...

Activities to do while in self-quarantine

April 5, 2020

With the threat of the Coronavirus outbreak get- ting worse, the world is experiencing a pandemic at the moment, and it is something, unlike anything anyone has experienced in a long time. With these...

Learning about the importance of this holiday gives new insight into the history of our country

Learn about the importance of President’s Day

February 21, 2020

President’s Day is one of those holidays that we often overlook. For students and staff, it is simply seen as a much needed day off. However, you may not know the true meaning behind the break away...

Bullet journaling is a fun and creative way for you to keep yourself organized going into the semester.

Organize your school work with a bullet journal

February 7, 2020

The new year comes with a new sense of excitement and changes. Some students may still be recovering from winter break while others may be ready to start the new semester. For those who may need ideas...

With the winter break over, getting into the swing of the things can
be a challenge. However, there are things you can do to overcome
the slump.

Help to keep motivated this semester

February 7, 2020

It is now a new year, spring semester is here whether you like it or not and many may find it difficult to get out of the winter break mindset. Here are some ways to get out of the vacation headspace. Continue...

Canadian serial killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, pictured
here as young adults, are the subject of Stephen Williams’ nonfi ction
novel Invisible Darkness

Invisible Darkness provides a dark look into the minds of serial killers

February 6, 2020

America has always seemed to have a fascination with serial killers and with recent shows like Making a Murderer and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile on Netfl ix, the obsession does not seem...

Bring the holiday spirit into your home with these DIY crafts.

Get into the festive spirit with these craft ideas

December 7, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching and soon there will be time to relax and take some focus off of academic pressures. If you find yourself with a moment of spare time and want to prepare for the...

Find ways to relax during finals

December 7, 2019

The end of the semester brings many stresses and one can easily get overwhelmed. If you need to take a break from your studies or work, here are a few easy things you can do without worrying about the...

Panel discusses importance of careers in foreign language

December 7, 2019

Students assembled to attend a panel with members from campus organizations to learn about careers that utilize the use of a foreign language. The Academic Success Center, Office of Global Education...

Get into the holiday spirit by attempting these fall crafts.

Get into the fall spirit with these easy crafts

November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means there is a much needed, albeit short break for students and faculty. During the break, many will gather around a table with family and friends and...

This holiday season is a time to reflect on who and what we are grateful for.

Express gratitude this Thanksgiving

November 22, 2019

This time of year is dedicated for family, friends and usually plenty of food. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many are taking the time to reflect on the people and the things they are most...

How To Effectively Cope with Pain

How To Effectively Cope with Pain

November 7, 2019

Many people are stressed out, especially now with the end of the semester drawing near. Busy schedules have made both students and faculty preoccupied with many things. Because of this, self-care in handling...

Get in the Halloween spirit with these easy tips/Halloween inspired crafts!

Get in the Halloween spirit with these easy tips/Halloween inspired crafts!

October 30, 2019

The fall season is here and with it comes Halloween. Halloween is usually a holiday geared towards smaller children who enjoy going trick-or-treating. Unfortunately for many students on campus, the festivities...

The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

October 24, 2019

  Book: “The Kiss Quotient”   In the 2018 novel “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang, Stella Lane is a 30-year-old woman who is very invested in her career and has completely...

Kristian Nairn answers questions during Q&A.

Game of Thrones actor visits CSUSM

October 24, 2019

The fantasy of the hit television show Game of Thrones, which ended earlier this year, was brought to CSUSM when Kristian Nairn, who portrayed Hodor on the series, visited campus on Oct. 15.    Nairn,...

President Ellen Neufeldt replaced former president Karen Haynes in July.

CSUSM’s new president shares personal story and plans for student success

September 25, 2019

The new school year did not only bring in new students, but also a new school president. Doctor Ellen Neufeldt became CSUSM’s fourth president in July of this year, replacing Dr. Karen Haynes.    Neufeldt...

Laugh to take a break from the stress of school and work.

Learn to reduce stress with a little laughter

September 25, 2019

If you need a bit of laughter in your life, look no further.    Q: Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers? A:He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them!   Q:...

CSUSM’s new president and her plan for success

September 19, 2019

The new school year not only brought in new students, but also a new school president. Dr. Ellen J. Neufeldt became CSUSM’s fourth president in July of this year, replacing Dr. Karen Haynes. Neufeldt...

Laugh to take a break from the stress of school and work.

Learn how to reduce stress with a little laughter

September 17, 2019

Having a stressful start of the semester? Here are some jokes to help brighten your day. Q: What washes up on very small beaches? A: Microwaves! Q: What did the tie say...

Social situations made less scary

September 17, 2019

There is something nerve-wracking about being put in a new social situation. Whether it is the first day of school, the first day at a new job, an interview or meeting a new group of people...

Study tips for successful semester

September 17, 2019

Starting a new school year is a stressful and exciting time, especially if it’s your first year in college. While the workload change from high school to college may be rough at first, there...

Important Rwandan tragedy depicted in film/ Film Something in April depicts important tragedy

April 25, 2019

Twenty five years ago this April, the Hutu people killed as many as 800,000 of the Tutsi minority in Africa during the horrific Rwandan Genocide.   To honor the victims of the 1994 genocide,...

Game of Thrones fantasy meets physics in lecture

April 12, 2019

Game of Thrones is a fantastical world full of fire breathing dragons and high-stakes duels and a giant ice wall.   Scientist, comic book series writer and Game of Thrones enthusiast Dr. Rebecca...

Event inspires others by sharing personal stories

Event inspires others by sharing personal stories

March 25, 2019

Self-expression is a feat not easily performed in front of others, but five CSUSM students and staff members braved a crowd to share their stories.   Workshops led by Assistant Professor of...

The event features several prison art installations and drawings.

Library exhibit sheds light on incarceration issues

March 9, 2019

Art pieces and pictures were exhibited by imprisoned students, which depicted the struggle that inmates in the prison-industrial complex faced while being behind bars and once they are released.   Cultures...

There are various notable contenders for Oscar winners this year.

Oscars’ Best Picture nominations reflect dynamic year in filmmaking

February 20, 2019

  It is award season in the entertainment industry and the main event, the 91st Academy Awards, are fast approaching.   Of all the award categories, Best Picture is arguably the most...

Richie Edmond-Vargas, Hugo Gonzalez, and Taina Edmond-Vargas sit in a panel on Nov 14. answering questions about their documentary Feminist in Cell Block Y.

Former inmate works to break down toxic masculinity

November 29, 2018

Feminism holds several meanings in today’s society. While feminism has its supporters, the negative connotation has kept people from wanting to be identified as a “feminist.”   On Nov.15,...

Installment of the Halloween
series released on Oct. 19.

Michael Myers’ return to the screen falls flat

November 7, 2018

The infamous serial killer Michael Myers has returned in the new Halloween movie.   The film followed as a sequel to the 1978 original and does not involve the multiple sequels that were made...

On Oct. 16 students gather around a screen in the USU ballroom to watch the classic film, Halloweentown

USU screens scary movies for students

October 29, 2018

The USU held a spooky themed movie night showing the Disney comedy classic, Halloweentown and thriller, A Quiet Place.   Halloweentown is a movie about a young girl and her siblings who go against...

Healing Ink aims to redefine Israel’s outlook on tattoos

September 27, 2018

Hillel, CSUSM’s Jewish student organization, held a film screening of the documentary Healing Ink at the USU on Sept. 14. In the United States, especially in this day and age, society has gradually become...

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