Organize your school work with a bullet journal


Courtesy of Pexels

Bullet journaling is a fun and creative way for you to keep yourself organized going into the semester.

The new year comes with a new sense of excitement and changes. Some students may still be recovering from winter break while others may be ready to start the new semester.

For those who may need ideas on how to maintain focus this semester and to release some bursts of creativity, bullet journaling may be a solution.

Bullet journaling is the process of making ordinary lists more visually appealing. This can actually make you motivated to complete the tasks on your list.

Some ideas for bullet journaling would be a simple list of household chores, a to-do list of assignments due for class, a weekly or monthly calendar, errands you need to run, a grocery list, etc.

For bullet journaling, you may use a notebook or simply staple loose pieces of paper together. There are many different ways to customize your bullet journal.

One way is to use different font styles throughout the page. From block letters to cursive, the more variant in font the better.

You could also try using different art supplies and drawing tools such as colored pencils, markers, crayons, among others to try and create different visual effects.

You may use different types of paper to create a unique style of bullet journal. The use of different colored paper can also make it more vibrant.

Another suggestion of how to make a bullet journal more decorative would be to draw pictures to go along with the theme or topic of your bullet journal.

For example, if you are writing out a list of groceries you can decorate the borders by drawing different foods. If you are making a to-do list, you can decorate the page with pictures that relate to the different tasks you need to complete throughout the day.

Having your personal thoughts organized in a creative way may help you feel more ready to tackle the new semester and the new year.

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