Entertainment Rundown

TV Show: Gentefied

Netflix’s newest original series Gentefied follows the Morales family’s life in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights. The series tackles the generational gap differences between immigrant parents and their children, brown love, identity struggles, chasing the American Dream and gentrification of their culture. Gentefied brings lightness and comedic relief to these challenging topics while still creating a space for the conversation. The series depicts the struggles the characters face in order to fulfill the dreams of their parents and grandparents. The series’ characters and plot are relatable to any first-generation individual trying to make it in America.


After the success of his collab album Oasis with J Balvin, Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny released his highly anticipated sophomore album YHLQMDLG. The title is short for “Yo hago lo que me da la gana” which translates into “I do whatever I want” in English, which is exactly what Bad Bunny does on this album. He pays homage to old school reggaeton beats with tracks like “Safaera” which taps into the roots of the genre and samples Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On.” YHLQMDLG takes a trip down reggaeton history but also innovates the genre. 

Book: The Institute

Stephen King’s The Institute, released Sept.ember 10., 2019 is a complicated novel about a twelve-year-old boy genius named Luke and a small-town cop named Tim. Luke finds himself stripped from his home only to wake up in Tthe Institute, a place where boys and girls no older than Luke are forced to awaken their telekinetic or telepathic abilities.  Luke makes friends at Tthe Institute and they fight to survive. Part horror, part science fiction, Luke and his friends find themselves in a race against time. The Institute” is the ultimate tale of survival and camaraderie. 

Film: The Call of the Wild

Adapted from the 1903 Jack London novel of the same name, The Call of the Wild is a story about adventure, friendship and finding your true purpose. The film follows Buck, a dog who is kidnapped from his owner and thrust into a life of danger and excitement in the wilds of the Yukon. The cinematography is spectacular, and Harrison Ford performs admirably as one of Buck’s human friends, the gruff yet tenderhearted Thornton.  While the film would have benefited from using real dogs instead of CGI ones, The Call of the Wild still proves to be a fun, heartwarming romp.