ASI Election ballot becomes available to students

Adrianna Adame, News Editor

Three candidates are running for ASI President and 7 others are running for various ASI positions for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

ASI Elections occur from March 23 at 7 a.m. until March 25 at 5 p.m. Students were emailed an online ballot to fill out and submit, by the ASI Board of Directors on the morning of the first day of elections.

The two ASI Town Halls set up for students to formally meet and hear from the candidates on March 12 and March 19 were cancelled due to the closure of campus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 3 ASI presidential candidates on the online ballot are Steven Granada Alvarado, Michael Garrett and Zameer Karim.

Tim Pelayo, a second-year business finance major and current College of Business Representative on the ASI Board of Directors is the lone candidate for ASI Executive Vice President. Andrew Gamboa, a first-year political science major and history minor is running for ASI Vice President of Student & University Affairs. 

Dylan Crivello, a first-year political science major and history minor is running for ASI Chair and Chief of Staff. Caleb Standley, a third-year marketing major is running for ASI College of Business Representative. Sarah Elizabeth Ortiz, a first-year political science major and ethnic studies minor is running for ASI Student at Large for Diversity and Inclusion.

Julia Glorioso, a first-year political science major and Christian Uriostegui, a second-year medical anthropology major, are competing to run for ASI College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral, and Social Sciences Representative.

The ASI Election page on the CSUSM website provides the bios of each of the candidates, as well as a Q&A and videos of the candidates detailing why students should vote for them.

Alvarado is a fourth-year political science major and global studies minor. His main points included supporting diversity on campus as well as providing students more awareness of the resources provided on campus.

“I seek to improve and support diversity on campus. I seek to represent and serve my fellow CSUSM students. I seek to use the leadership skills I developed this year from lobby corps and those I developed working with the city of Moreno Valley as a volunteer. I want to grow and connect with the community, guide students and push them to excel,” wrote Alvarado.

Garrett is a third-year sociology and criminology double major. According to Garrett’s bio, he is one of the founding fathers of Alpha Sigma Phi, has been a Residential Peer Mentor in The Quad and has been the Vice President of the Pre-Law Society.

“My main goal as President will be to improve parking. Parking is a source of contention for all students; therefore, if elected, I plan to work with North City to improve the hours in which students can park in the new parking structure,” wrote Garrett.

Garrett also wrote that he also wants to add more food variety on campus by working with local businesses.

Karim is a third-year political science major and small business owner. He wrote that he will use his experience as a small business owner to address the finances of the university and misuse of school funds.

“If elected, I intend to work with President Neufeldt to ensure that Dean Schroder and other members of the administration who have misused school funds for personal use are issued a demand for reimbursement, in addition to providing any evidence available to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of criminal charges,” wrote Karim.

Students can learn more information about each of the ASI candidates and voting information here: