Eight YouTube channels to watch while you’re social distancing


Photo by Anneliese Esparza

Watching YouTube is fun way to pass the time while you’re social distancing.

Jaelyn Decena, Staff Writer

This social distancing has tested us in many ways. Trying to find things to do to pass the time is quite draining. In all honesty, you’ve probably spent a little more time than you would have liked to watching YouTube videos.

In our defense, YouTube can provide ways for us to learn about history, literature, ourselves and others, all while still remaining entertaining and engaging. Here are eight of the best YouTube channels to watch to help you pass the time.

Buzzfeed Unsolved”: “Buzzfeed Unsolved” investigates cold cases and paranormal experiences. Hosts, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, present theories on true crime and the supernatural. The dynamic between a believer and skeptic adds a light comedic tone to the serious subjects they’re taking on.

The School of Life”: With the amount of free time we now have, we have a perfect opportunity to self-reflect and find ways to better ourselves. “The School of Life” provides many different videos on self-development. Much of this knowledge is the information we don’t often think about, such as the problem of being too nice. “The School of Life” can often be therapeutic, challenging us to look inwards and work towards bettering ourselves.

Rowena Tsai”: Rowena Tsai is an influencer who shares tips and tricks she’s learned while being on her own journey to becoming the best version of herself. She provides advice in areas such as money, anxiety, self-doubt, self-esteem and more. Tsai also prompts us to get to know ourselves better. With there being bumps along the way, Tsai’s content reminds us that we’re just human, and trying our best is all that matters.

Sam O’Nella Academy”: If you enjoy learning, but find TedEd to be too bland for your taste, Sam O’Nella Academy teaches history through the lens of comedy. With his crude, stick-figure drawings, Sam O’Nella dumbs down major historical events and concepts in order to make them easier to understand. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy crude words, this may not be for you.

TedEd”: Being in quarantine also allows us to use our free time to explore more about the world around us. “TedEd” offers answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. By covering different subjects such as history and literature, “TedEd” allows its viewers to engage with meaningful content, emphasizing the importance of lost stories and lost arts.

Anna Akana”: Anna Akana is a multiethnic comedian-actress who focuses her channel on a wide variety of self-help topics. Given that she lost her younger sister to suicide, her channel emphasizes the importance of focusing on our mental well-being. She tackles many self-development topics, even by pointing out her own faults. Each video focuses on a specific idea she learned in therapy and provides that knowledge she was given to her viewers. Like many of the comments read, “Anna goes to therapy so we don’t have to.”

OffhandDisney”: With the Disney theme parks being closed until further notice, it’s nice to be able to get a slight fix by watching Disney videos. “OffhandDisney” offers content for the Disney fanatic. Whether it be theories about the rides’ stories or the best smells of Disney, “OffhandDisney” provides quality videos about all things Disney parks.

Kurtis Conner”: Kurtis Conner is a stand-up comedian who makes videos on current culture. Whether it’s TikTok, fangirls or E-Boys, Conner will find a way to poke fun at anyone. While remaining focused on the comedic factor of his channel, many of his videos focus on a lesson in human rights. He finds ways to make fun of those who stigmatize different groups of people. Conner allows quality content to help bring a voice to those who may not have one.