Students showcase creativity despite campus shutdown


Photo Courtesy of Kristine Diekman

The 16th Annual CSUSM Media Festival has been moved to a virtual format and will take place on May 15.

Anneliese Esparza, A&E Editor

The end of the spring semester is usually a time where students showcase their creative projects to the campus community. While this familiar tradition has been disrupted because of the pandemic, departments and student organizations are taking steps to ensure that students’ work can still be displayed virtually.

16th Annual CSUSM Media Festival: CSUSM hosts an annual media festival so that aspiring student filmmakers may have a platform to share their work with the community. The virtual festival is free to viewers and will take place on May 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Prizes and awards will be given across various categories.

Students can submit an entry for consideration in the festival at sofa/art-media-and-design/ mediafest/index_submis- sion-form.html. The deadline to enter is May 5 at 5 p.m.

As it gets closer to the date of the festival, instructions on how to access the event will be posted at sofa/art-media-and-design/ mediafest/index.html.

School of Arts’ Social Media: Students wishing to share their work with others can submit their creative projects to be featured on the School of Arts’ social media sites. There is no specific requirement for what type of medium is acceptable.

Students can submit their art by emailing Professor Nancy DiBenedetto at [email protected]. You can view past entries on the School of Arts’ Instagram page (@csusm_sofa) or their Facebook page (Cal State San Marcos School of Arts).

Sole Survivor Virtual Art Gallery: Creative Cougar, an independent creative community organized by 4th-year digital media and design student Jelonna Byers, is currently hosting its first art show on a virtual platform. The theme of the online gallery is survivors of sexual violence since April is Sexual Violence and Harassment Awareness Month.

“It is important that we make an effort to educate, learn, and uplift each other with the intentions of bringing this issue to an end,” said Byers.

“Featured artists in the art show will be commemorating all survivors by using their voice to fight against the issue, as well as empower one another by promoting self-acceptance, knowledge of inner power, and LOVE through art,” said Byers.

The virtual gallery, which opened on April 28 at 12 p.m., can be accessed at https://www. 24ad90d245ddba4 and features artwork in a variety of mediums. Visit Creative Cougar’s Instagram page (@ creativecougar_) to stay up to date on future projects.

LTWR Club Virtual Spotlight: The Literature & Writing Club has given literary-minded students a platform to tell their stories. Through a virtual spotlight on their Instagram page (@ltwrclub), students share their creative writing with others.

Students may submit either a PDF of their work or a short video of them presenting it. Follow their Instagram to see past student entries and to stay updated on future opportunities to be spotlighted.

Arts Ambassadors’ Quarantine Masterpieces: CSUSM’s Arts Ambassadors have created a Facebook group that serves as a platform to share artwork during this time of isolation. Arts Ambassadors is a subset of ARTS=OPPORTUNITY, a movement that works to foster and promote the arts.

People of all ages are invited to participate, not just CSUSM students. People may post any sort of artwork, or they may choose to participate in weekly challenges posted on the group. The artwork of the weekly challenge winners will be posted on Arts Ambassadors’ web- site.

“Ultimately, this group is made to support and encourage everyone’s artistic skills, ability, and creativity!” says the group’s description. “With everything going on right now, we hope this group provides a creative outlet for those who may have been quarantined for one too many days.” Visit the group at groups/554059125239703/.

While many of us may be stuck at home indefinitely, there’s no reason for students’ work to go unnoticed. Consider sharing your own work through one of these opportunities if you’re creative-minded; after all, art can provide healing in this unpredictable, stressful time.