A tribute to some of our graduating seniors

Thank you to all the graduating seniors who took the time to share some of their most valuable memories with us. We asked some of you to share positive moments that you experienced during your academic journey and you all surely delivered. We are grateful to have received glimpses of the work you put in, the mentors you grew with and the memories you made with friends.

The Cougar Chronicle wanted to make a small tribute to all the graduating seniors of the class of 2020. We know that so many of you worked hard to complete your degree. These four plus years of late night stress, long commutes and time away from family and friends were an investment you made for your future. Despite commencement being postponed, we still believe you all should be proud of the accomplishments you made.

Congratulations to the class of 2020. You did it!

Nicholas Koenig

Major: Business Management-Entrepreneurship

Quote: “The most memorable experiences from CSUSM were the relationships I was able to create with students through campus events and shared classes. CSUSM has a great commu- nity of students that are always willing to help others and form great collaborative relationships. Many of my classmates I have seen in my pre- vious courses, so it’s refreshing to feel like you have a safety net and able to receive help from al- most anyone. I would say without the kind, sup- porting environment created by the campus, my experience would not have been as enjoyable.”


Joseph Esparza

Major: History Minor: Geography

Quote: “What I will take away from my undergrad experience is the memory of the excep- tional professors we have here at CSUSM. This school is proof that the ‘teacher-scholar’ model works brilliantly. So many of my professors were not only dynamic scholars in their field, but were genuine people who took the time to guide me in my academic pursuits. They truly put the good of their students first, going above and beyond the expectation of simply an ‘instructor.’ I have been truly blessed to have been taught by so many gift- ed and caring individuals.”


Kristel Sobrevilla

Major: Kinesiology-Health Science

Quote: “One of my most memorable experiences at CSUSM was when I became a Sup- plemental Instruction Leader. I had fun helping students understand concepts from biopsy- chology. I also made friends that I would miss dearly. This experience has made me grow as a person and become more confident in myself.”


Andrea Torres Ramirez

Major: Sociology

Quote: “It’s been a long and hard journey, but it was worth it. Being the first generation in my family to attend college and graduate makes me feel proud. My daughter is the reason why I kept pushing to finish school. I wouldn’t change anything and thank you to everyone who took part in my academic journey!”


Ethan Shicks

Major: Communication

Quote: “I’m a strong believer in the idea that the best thing students can do for themselves is get involved on campus. Not only does it en- rich your time in college, but I’ve made some of my strongest friendships and connections during my time in Sigma Chi and working for ASI.”


Maribel Hernandez

Major: Communication Minor: Marketing

Quote: “My most memorable time on campus was when I came across the Univision team filming on campus. As you may know, networking is crucial when you are wanting to get an internship or job in the near future. I was fortunate enough to get in contact with the news reporting team and get an internship at Univision.”


Steven Sutherland

Major: Business Administration-Marketing

Quote: “It’s not what you know that matters, and it’s NOT who you know either…but rather, who knows you…find a way to stand out.” -Un- known.


Katie Diaz

Major: Business Administration-Marketing

Quote: “CSUSM will always hold a special place in my heart. I will cherish the friends and family that I have met along the way.”