Small business offers vegan Mexican food, keeps community healthy and satisfied during pandemic


Photo from Phatties Facebook page

If you’re looking for a good Mexican place, try Phatties, a vegan spin on the popular cuisine.

Kristie Castillo, Staff Writer

This quarantine has given people the opportunity to pursue and achieve their health and lifestyle goals from the comfort of their home and with the plethora of new free time. 

For some, this includes testing the waters of vegan eating and Phatties Mexican Restaurant is helping aspiring vegans do just that. Offering vegan alternatives to your favorite Mexican dishes, the Escondido-based restaurant can satisfy your craving without the meat. 

When the pandemic started, San Diego County issued an order for all restaurants to limit their food services to take-out and delivery to accommodate both the customer’s cravings and safety. In the restaurant’s March 21 Instagram post, they assured their customers that they will be open and serving their community through pick-up, take-out and delivery. 

Since then, Phatties has implemented menu changes and provisional hours. For the time being, the restaurant will be closed on Mondays and serve a limited, but still delicious, variety of their original menu. 

Their offerings cater to each customer’s needs, from breakfast to dessert. Some of their popular menu items include the Eggless Chorizo con Papas burrito for breakfast, Tacos de Adobada (made from soy meat marinated in a homemade sauce) for lunch or dinner and flan for dessert. 

With a rise in organizations and missions for the general public to adopt meatless diets into their lifestyles, Phatties offers customers the opportunity to do so with meatless versions of food items they may still crave. 

Additionally, the restaurant also offers various flavors of refreshing aguas frescas to help out their customers in the unprecedented heat. They can choose between jamaica, cucumber pineapple lemonade, watermelon and more.

If you feel hungry for some Mexican food and have been considering going meatless, give Phatties in Escondido a try. 

Some people may believe that vegan eating is just salads or plain vegetables, but vegan eating is offered in a number of different cuisines and can be just as, if not more, tasty than the original.

For more information, visit Phatties Mexican Restaurant’s Facebook page.