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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe explores identity and mental health. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Benjamin Alire Sáenz)

Book: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe dives into existential crises, friendship, family dynamics, sexuality and bicultural identity. The novel unfolds through Dante, a teenage boy with no friends, who one day decides to go for a swim at a local pool, where he meets Aristotle. Aristotle and Dante, regardless of their polar-opposite personalities, become best friends. The two grow together through their teenage years as they struggle with both their sexual and cultural identities. Dismantling the narrative of toxic masculinity that stigmatizes boys’ emotions, Sáenz focuses on both Dante and Aristotle’s feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. –JD



Robert Evans’ podcast It Could Happen Here dives into America’s political climate.
(Photo from Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Eric Chassaing )

Podcast: “It Could Happen Here”

Journalist Robert Evans’ ten-part podcast series “It Could Happen Here” reflects the current state of politics and the possibility of a second American Civil War. He uses his experience covering wars as well as in-depth research to craft the possible future that could happen to the United States. The podcast was created in early 2019 but it holds many parallels to our current political state. The podcast takes it a step further and supposes what would occur if things get worse. Although it is a bleak look into the future, knowing what could happen can help prevent this grim possibility. –SA



Adam Sandler stars in Netflix’s new film Hubie Halloween.
(Photo from Wikipedia, property of Netflix)

Movie: Hubie Halloween

This month, Netflix rolled out a new comedy dedicated to Salem Halloween traditions, mystery-solving and the occasional supernatural happenings. Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Hubie Halloween follows the town’s social outcast and resident Halloween scaredy cat Hubert “Hubie” DuBois (Adam Sandler). Hubie navigates Halloween mysteries, strange neighbors and an escaped mental hospital patient all with the help of his trusty, homemade Thermos. Due to Hubie’s history of crying wolf, the townspeople don’t take his reports of these strange happenings seriously until it’s too late. Hubie Halloween is a mix of comedy and mystery that is sure to get viewers in the mood for Halloween. -KC



Upload is now available on Amazon Prime.
(Photo from Wikipedia, courtesy of Amazon)

TV Show: Upload

Upload is a romantic comedy set in a world where people can pay to have their consciousness “uploaded” before they die. Like retirement homes, the virtual after-life worlds allow dead people to communicate with their living loved ones through video calls and vary in location, quality and price. Each “upload” has the help of a tech support representative to help them navigate their new world. The show plays around with technical challenges in the virtual world like glitches, the dark web, artificial intelligence and pay-to-play games. Upload is a story of love, mystery, conspiracy and the role capitalism plays in the afterlife. -AB