Ariana Grande’s album Positions gives a chill listening experience


Photo by Emma on Wikimedia Commons

Ariana Grande released her sixth album Positions on Oct. 30.

Magali Castillo, Staff Writer

With the release of her sixth studio album Positions, Ariana Grande is not taking a break, choosing to give her fans new music even during quarantine. Positions has very chill tracks that can be listened to while studying, doing homework or just vibing. 

In Positions, Grande showcases her talent by implementing pop, R&B and hip-hop together. 

“Shut Up,” the first track of the album, is a song about how people who have nothing good to say to Grande shouldn’t say anything to her at all. Grande sings, “How you be spending your time? (How?) / How you be using your time? (How?) / You be so worried ’bout mine?” It’s a track for all the haters and the people that are in her business.

 The third song on the album is “Motive” with Doja Cat, who provides background vocals and a rap verse towards the end of the song. It is their first collaboration together and it is one of the tracks that stands out with its upbeat dance rhythm. Grande also collaborates with the Weeknd on “Off the Table” and Ty Dolla $ign on “Safety Net.”

“Just Like Magic” is a song where Grande manifests good energy upon her life, saying that it is because of that manifestation that she gets everything she wants. “I get everything I want ‘cause I attract it,” the lyrics say.

The album also shows Grande coming to terms with what she is looking for in a sexual relationship. For instance, “34+35” is a song that explains her sexual appetite. 

Some of her tracks might initially make Grande come off as a diva, but as you listen to the album and its lyrics, it’s more that she is coming to terms with who she is and what she wants. She knows people will always judge her and try to bring her down, but she persists by sending them good energy while also telling them to mind their own business.