Cougar Corner

Election Day 

By Madi Hart

It was the shitty apocalypse show that told me disarming someone can be more deadly than being the one to actually draw the gun. 

It taught me to quickly clasp your hand over your throat when you start leaking 


There’s been a flood and a fire every time the world has ended, and maybe sometimes there’s a pandemic too. 

Maybe sometimes things get too scary, and you start doing things you never thought you would do. 

Our time on this earth is not so very long, or even significant. You spend a lot of your time being sad or throwing up or missing people you won’t admit to missing. 

You spend a lot of time wondering which of these lines they’ll use at your eulogy. 

I’m sick of punishing myself for not being shiny and good and perfect. It doesn’t matter much. I can wear my cross, if I want. And, I can dance in the rain. 

I can smoke things and burn something harder than a permanent marker onto my skin. 

Because before we know it, hell will freeze over. We’ve known that since Eve and Lucifer hooked up, and hell… maybe that always sounded kinda fun anyway. 

Here’s my cowboy song again, everybody! Sunshine girl got bent out of shape, took a few tips from Kafka and Supertramp. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with disappearing.


Writer Bio: Madison Hart is a fourth year literature and writing studies major with a minor in film studies. Madison is also the treasurer of the Literature and Writing Club. She enjoys making specific Spotify playlists and writing because it allows her to emote. More of Madison’s work can be found on her Instagram @madihartwrites.

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