The Cougar Corner


Dirty Converse

By Lara Amin


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for bike rides and dirty converse.

And face-to-face hangouts when we laugh and converse.


About the present, future, and even the past.

A time when time didn’t move so slow and fast.

And I know this depressive episode won’t last.

And I know nobody asked,


“How am I doing(?)”


But I’m constantly:

  • gluing
  • boo-ing 
  • renewing 
  • pursuing 



Insecure of my mental health.

Doubtful by any amount of wealth.

Going outside takes incredible stealth.


But no matter what happens, we can’t reverse

To the days of bike rides and dirty converse. 


Writer Bio: Lara Amin is a recent graduate from CSUSM with a B.A. in literature & writing studies, and is currently pursuing a M.A. in English at SDSU to teach at the college level. Lara is a poet, writer and artist, and she shares her work on Instagram: @porcelain.pen

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