Cougar Corner

Story of the princess


Before the castle gate

 in the deep clear water

 a beautiful garden


a poor woodman

he found a beautiful purple flower

he became quite fixed

espying the glittering fiery eyes 

he plucked the flower


                    what are we to do now?


so beautiful

lifeless on the ground

Then he sat down by the grave 

and cried bitterly


the merry music of horns and trumpets

 the leaves were all glittering diamonds

 two rows of burning lights

in the moonlight along the path


a pretty girl

she had been the flower 

now set free


                    what are you weeping for? 


                 have broken his cruel charm 

              what a wicked creature he was


        Stay with me!


                      I will love you as long as I live


grief came to an end and joy began…


walking together along the road

countless flowers blooming in every direction

 a gold ring


a very delightful life

My darling


Writer Bio: Abree Hopkins is a senior at CSUSM, majoring in Literature and Writing Studies. She has been passionate about writing since she was a little girl, but has never considered herself a writer. Abree takes advantage of any opportunity to practice her writing and she enjoys reading just as much.

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