The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

Jaelyn Decena and Kristie Castillo

Pixar’s Soul is now available to stream on Disney+. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Pixar Studios)

Movie: Soul

Christmas Day is a time for giving, with Pixar’s newest film Soul being one of the best gifts. Soul follows the story of Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a middle school band teacher and struggling jazz pianist. After an unexpected run with death, Joe cheats his way out of it and his soul returns back to Earth. However, Joe and soul number 22 (Tina Fey) get into a mishap once back on Earth, upsetting Joe’s plans. Despite the unexpected adventure,  Joe learns what it means to truly live, finding the beauty in all things around him.




The Midnight Library by author Matt Haig is a fascinating look into mental health. (Photo from Wikipedia, courtesy of Matthisvalerie)

Book: The Midnight Library

While the conversation on mental health is more abundant than ever, it’s a struggle that many face. In Matt Haig’s novel, The Midnight Library, readers follow the story of Norah Seed, a woman who takes her own life and finds herself in the Midnight Library. Here, she discovers endless shelves of books about universes where she exists: each of them reflecting decisions she could have made in her life. Norah lives through each of her possible lives, but once she finds herself feeling disappointed, she finds herself back in the Midnight Library. Alongside Norah, readers discover a new spark for life in this heartwarming novel. 




Song: “I Am” 

What started as a single to express her independence and self-love as an artist and person quickly transformed into a worldwide, trending self-worth and affirmation anthem fueled by the words of up-and-coming artist, Yung Baby Tate. With the chorus: “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that b*tch,” YBT managed to create the perfect daily affirmation for 2021 to proclaim one’s self-worth and speak one’s success into existence for the upcoming year. The artist has since shared her fans’ reactions and videos to the tune of her new song, affirming their messages and encouraging a 2021 of prosperity and self-love. 


Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us is available on all podcast platforms. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of BBeargTeam)

Podcast: Unlocking Us

Brené Brown, an author, professor, researcher and new podcast host, has come out with a series meant to explore the interconnectedness of humans and society, as well as the lived experiences of her guest speakers ranging from amateur sport coaches and former politicians to scholars and authors of racial justice. The podcast is an extension of Brown’s work which focuses on “unlocking” and understanding our emotions and relationships with ourselves and others. Brown takes the listeners on a journey of uncomfortable conversations and self-reflection in a podcast meant to encourage accountability, vulnerability and understanding of the ever changing world and society around us.