Club spotlight: Feminists Unite offers a safe space for discussion and activism


Sonya Vargas, Staff Writer

As we enter nearly a year since campus has shut down, student organizations can be a great place for students to get their voice heard and discuss topics that they are passionate about, while also easing the side effects of loneliness and feelings of helplessness. 

Gracie Froom, a senior majoring in human development and minoring in women’s, gender and sexuality studies, is a member of Feminists Unite. Froom became a part of this organization just before the pandemic began to practice her activism and be a part of a community that shares similar morals and provides a strong support for life’s misfortunes. 

“Feminist Unite is an organization that provides as a safe and open space to practice activism through a reproductive justice lens,” said Froom.

When asked what is in the works for Feminists Unite, Froom said that their first meeting will be on Feb. 25 at U-hour, which will serve as an introduction and welcoming engagement. 

Feminists Unite is active on their Instagram, with posts regarding anything from sterilization abuse to building healthy relationships. Their aim is to keep their community updated every Friday with informative posts.

As everyone begins to get adjusted to their new online schedules, we can expect to see more collaborations from Feminists Unite and other student organizations. Although it is hard to meet face-to-face, collaborations and events from these organizations is something for students to keep an eye out for.

On an individual level, Froom said that she has been impacted greatly since joining Feminists Unite by attending leadership events, enhancing her speaking skills, boosting her leadership abilities and overall, being more comfortable talking with others. COVID has made the experience different, but Froom said that she has looked at the positives. 

“In order to stay engaged in virtual settings, students must dig deeper to get that human connection we are all looking for,” said Froom. 

The rewards of this position is that she gets to play an active role in addressing topics she cares about, along with having a group behind her to support these matters. Froom said that the connections being made with others, the ability to share resources and the support she has received since joining Feminists Unite has made it all worthwhile. 

For anyone looking for a safe space to be active in your activism, address topics you care about, advance your leadership abilities and have your voice heard and supported, Feminists Unite is an organization to consider being a part of. 

For more information on this organization, follow them on Instagram: @csusm_feministsunite

Sonya Vargas is a staff writer for The Cougar Chronicle. She is currently in her final semester of her undergraduate as a social science major with a minor in psychology. She aims to serve underprivileged youth and families in the future and continue writing. In her spare time, she enjoys being in nature, getting creative and enjoying the simple things.