Local boba shop brings a Taiwanese treat to your home


Photo by Kim Cruz on Pexels

Ding Tea brings you a taste of Taiwanese culture in each of its boba drinks, made specifically for you to enjoy.

Carolyn Cheng, Staff Writer

Getting tired of your normal coffee order?  Offering many tasty drink and snack options, Ding Tea is a refreshing small boba establishment located in San Marcos. 

Currently only open for delivery and take out due to COVID-19 restrictions, they are open every day except for Mondays.

Ding Tea has a variety of unique drinks and toppings, from their classic golden boba and milk teas, to their rainbow colored star fruit jellies with slushes, as well as other beverages. Ding Tea has many options, even for the picky drinkers, as their menu allows customers to personalize their drinks further, permitting you to adjust the sweetness and ice levels in each beverage.

Ding Tea offers you hundreds of different order combinations. In addition to their drinks, they serve a delicious bubble waffle treat, a Sun Moon dessert, an assortment of macaron sandwiches and ice creams and panini sandwiches on the weekends only.

Their drink menu consists of both warm and cold drinks, serving fresh teas, slushes, coffees, lattes and more.

Ding Tea is known for their unique boba. Unlike normal boba, which is colored a dark reddish brown, their boba possesses a warm golden hue. In addition to their golden boba, their menu features crystal boba, which has a higher gelatin content, thus making it crunchier than the normal chewy boba.

When visiting their websites and social media or ordering online, users can often find sweet treats on sale, new flavors and cute plushies and airpod cases that are sold during special holidays or store events.

Their website provides for easy pick-up ordering. Users can specify the time and the day prior to their order.

Costing just about the same price as a normal iced coffee order, Ding Tea is a great place to drop by and pick up a fun drink or snack when you’re bored at home and getting tired of your daily routines.  

They are located on 6 Creekside Drive suite 500, San Marcos, CA 92078.

Check out their website, Instagram and Facebook for more information on Ding Tea in San Marcos.

Carolyn Cheng is a graphic design intern for The Cougar Chronicle.  She is currently a third year student at CSUSM and is majoring in arts and technology with a double minor in video/film production and film studies.  Post graduation, Carolyn hopes to pursue a career in film or video game editing.  In her free time, she enjoys watching Survivor, playing tabletop rpgs, and playing video games.