Cougar Corner



Sticky sweet honey pot, 

I don’t want you to leave. 

Stay under these bedsheets and forget about 

your burdens. 


It’s so windy out there today, 

the beach is hazy and 

so are we. 

It would be a waste to do anything

but nothing. 


Sticky sweet honey pot,

I love to be your busy bee. 

Mixed you in my 

coffee this morning,

gave you almond kisses goodbye. 


I’ll be your sunshine 

to help you with

your muddled case 

of the drearies. 


Hopefully work won’t be a wrench today;

hopefully this week doesn’t drag on. 

Wish you knew 

how much I do 

adore you.


Good luck, 

honey pot.

Writer Bio: Madison Hart is a fourth year literature and writing studies major with a minor in film studies. Madison is also the treasurer of the Literature and Writing Club. She enjoys making specific Spotify playlists and writing because it allows her to emote. More of Madison’s work can be found on her Instagram @madihartwrites.