Campus Rec offers students virtual esports experience


Brian Gallegos

CSUSM Recreation gives students a way to participate in their favorite sports games and connect to other students through eports.

Ally Spooner, Assistant Sports Editor

CSUSM Recreation has facilitated multiple video game based sports tournaments for students to interact and compete with each other in a virtual environment. 

Campus Recreation and Intramurals usually provide students with opportunities each semester to participate in casual sports games such as soccer, volleyball, softball and more. CSUSM students can sign up for different teams, which allows them to meet new people and socialize.

The Intramural Department introduced eports, online sports gaming tournaments, in April 2020 after all CSU campuses transitioned to online learning. This programming has continued through the fall 2020 online semester and remains in progress this semester. 

The Intramural Department wanted to provide students with an alternative way of participating in some of their favorite sports games safely and at home. 

COVID prevents students on campus from gathering to engage in intramural sports and esports has supplied the opportunity to interact with those who have similar interests.

The contests offered in this program include FIFA 21 (a soccer game), NBA2K21 (a basketball game), Madden NFL 21 (a football game), NHL 20 (a hockey game), Rocket League (a car game), MLB THE SHOW 20 (a baseball game) and more. 

Esports gives students flexibility on when and where they play these games. Participants can connect with each other to find the best time to compete. 

“It was really fun participating in the esports tournaments. I grew up playing video games and playing against other people who enjoyed sports so it was really cool to have something like this offered. I’ve participated in person in intramural basketball and soccer before COVID so it was nice to connect with some old friends,” said fourth year student Zack Hayden.

Another fourth year student, Daniel Glickstein, shared similar sentiments on his experience with CSUSM’s esports program.

“It provided a way for me to have something to look forward to on a weekly basis and virtually meet new people who are interested in the same sports and games as me. I would definitely encourage others to participate in these activities; they have so many options for online gaming and tournaments and it provides a way for us to connect with each other even though we can’t play in person,” said Glickstein.

Registration for this esports season has closed. The season ends on April 9, where a team of students will be crowned champions in their respective tournaments. 

For more information about CSUSM Rec’s esports visit

Ally Spooner is a fourth year communication major and the Assistant Sports Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. Ally just finished her term as the chapter president of Alpha Chi Omega and is a former member of the women’s soccer team at CSUSM. Ally has hopes of pursuing a career in sports broadcasting, production or journalism and it would be her dream to work at ESPN. In her spare time, Ally enjoys watching sports, going on long walks and spending time with her dog.