REVIEW: Snyder Cut leaves fans in awe after a second take at the Justice League film

Zack Snyder releases his take on the film Justice League, now available on HBO Max.

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Zack Snyder releases his take on the film Justice League, now available on HBO Max.

Kat Parra, Assistant A&E Editor

This review may contain spoilers.

To those that left 2017 behind, here are a few refreshers with the Justice League film. The squad officially all came back together to defeat the common enemy, Villain Darkseid, thanks to Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). And just when humanity rests on the verge of extinction, our heroes are joined by the reformed Superman (Henry Cavill). 

While this seems like a great film, it is easy to overlook the mistakes and unnecessary scenes of 2017’s Justice League. Joker’s scenes are nowhere to be found in this take. Gal Gadot’s character, Wonder Woman, has a literal moment of impact with Flash (Ezra Miller). And let us not forget how sexualized Wonder Woman was in Joss Whedon’s Justice League

However, this year when all hope was lost, Zack Snyder heard our prayers. Snyder originally stepped down from directing the original Justice League due to a family tragedy. And finally, in 2021, Warner Bros. Studios released the long-awaited Justice League: Snyder’s Cut.

With pre-existing footage, creativity and patience, he created a four-hour version of what Justice League should have been. The extensive work that is in this film is mind-blowing, earning audiences’ respects and gratitude.

This director’s cut introduces new angles for the shots and omits the unnecessary extra body parts such as Wonder Woman’s rear end when talking to Batman or sexist slurs. There are clear video editing differences between both directors. Snyder’s Cut focuses much more on the actual heroes, their true powers and their potential. 

While the plot remains the same, some of the characters did receive a glow-up with their attires and weapons. 

Apart from the original cast, the film contains various new cameos of other members. There is a beautiful storyline introduced for Cyborg (Ray Fisher) that leaves viewers in awe. 

The same applies to Flash, allowing fans to root for these forgotten heroes once again. It is as if the purpose in these heroes was reestablished. Snyder goes as far as showing us the true reasoning behind Steppenwolf’s (Ciarán Hinds) purpose for destruction. 

Another difference in this film is the introductions to each part. This film has a total of six parts, each with its own title. It also includes an intro and an epilogue for the beginning and end. In order to make this film stand out even more, Snyder shot the entire film in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This square screen and its effect on us is just one of the attributes of Snyder’s creativity.  

It seems as though four hours is what the DC universe needed to restore storylines, characters and direction. 

Characters such as Flash now have better reasoning to be part of the Justice League, and relationships between certain characters are better established. Batman’s desire to reunite and recruit members has a clear purpose and determination. 

Viewers are more inclined to feel empathy towards the villain and sorrow towards other characters. The heroes have the full range of their powers and strength in every action-packed scene. 

With all that aside, Snyder created this film for audiences to feel more emotionally connected to this universe and the characters. There is a devastating pain left in everyone after Superman’s loss, and Zack Snyder beautifully portrays it for audiences. 

Watch for yourself and let us know if you notice other differences in Snyder Cut.

The film is available only on HBO Max.

Kat Parra is in her senior year here at CSUSM and majoring in art and technology. Since last semester, she has been assisting The Cougar Chronicle as a photographer and staff writer and she is currently serving as the Assistant A&E Editor. She enjoys sculpting, art, video design and spending time with family. She will be the first in her family to graduate from a four-year university.  Her inspiration is and always will be her mom.