The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

Justin Bieber dropped his surprise EP Freedom. over Easter. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Def Jam Recordings and the cover artist.)

EP: Freedom. by Justin Bieber

On Easter, Justin Bieber dropped an EP titled Freedom., just over two weeks after the release of his album Justice. The album stirred some controversy for its tracks with Martin Luther King preaching, since Justice was more about love songs towards his wife. In Freedom., the gospel-inspired tracks follow with the preachings of Jesus and how He died for people’s sins to be resurrected. The song “Where Do I Fit In” features a sermon by Judah Smith: “My arms are wrapped around you, it’ll be alright / While you sleep, I watch over you, it’ll be alright.” Unlike his other music, Bieber invites his fans into his home for a church service. –MC


Yes Day is now available to stream on Netflix. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Netflix and the poster’s graphic designer)

Movie: Yes Day

Netflix recently released Yes Day, a film about the day children have long awaited. Jennifer Garner stars as Allison Torres, a mom of three stripped from her adventure, thrilled-seeking life. Her children believe that a “Yes Day” will help with the troublesome relationship they have with their mother. For the next 24 hours, these children will be granted any requests. Obviously, rules are implied, making it unclear at first how extreme things can get. Yes Day shows the repercussions of having a full day of yes. Despite the surrealness of things, it does promote a positive ending, making it perfect for the family. –KP






Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast accompanies her second single “Posing in Bondage” alongside music video (Photo credit to Michelle Zaun)

Single: “Posing in Bondage” by Japanese Breakfast

On April 8, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast released her second single off her newest album Jubilee, set to be released June 4. The song is titled “Posing In Bondage,” which is a song that was revisited by Zauner from an earlier album. The single tells the story of the feeling of needing someone, even though that person may cause toxicity in one’s person’s life. “Posing In Bondage” is reminiscent of early 80s music, as it features synths and beats from that decade. However, Zauner adds her own personality by allowing herself to be vulnerable through the lyrics and slow melody in this short single. –JD


Nasim Pedrad stars as “Chad” in TBS’ new sitcom (Photo credit to Jeff Kravitz at TBS on Wikimedia Commons)

TV Show: Chad

TBS released the first episode to their new cringe-comedy Chad on April 6. The series follows the chronicles of Ferydoon Armani, otherwise known as “Chad,” an awkward teenage boy trying to make his way through high school. Chad, portrayed by Nasim Pedrad, experiences being a teen with an additional twist: being a Persian kid trying to fit in with American culture. Chad desperately wants to be like other teens, even if it means trying to suppress his family’s Persian roots. With 39-year-old Pedrad playing a teenager, the awkwardness of being a teenage boy is all-the-more fun in TBS’ new sitcom. –JD