REVIEW: Indian dancers showcase talent at virtual event

Magali Castillo, Staff Writer

CSUSM’s Arts & Lectures series hosted “Ta La: The Exploration of Male and Female Energies Through Indian Dance” starring Anusree Bonnerjee and Nilesh Singha, lead dancers of Drutam Dance Ideas Lab, on April 7. 

Bonnerjee introduced herself as the founder and artistic director. They both explained the theme of their multimedia performance that is done in Bharatanatyam style which is the oldest classical dance practice in India.

A pre-recorded dance was played on the screen of both dancers performing the “Ta La” together followed by the narration of scriptwriter Sudipta Dhruva expressing their story through dance. The beginning of the dance was focused on the movement of their feet as it slowly started showing their full bodies.

Bonnerjee and Singha are both dressed in Indian classical attire. She wore a traditional Indian saree and he wore a traditional dhoti. Both dancers used ghungroo bells on their ankles and wrists to create sounds as they moved.

The narrator spoke, “I promised, she would be there, my heart and my soul, only her image would ban.” The balance needed in the universe as their masculine and feminine energies danced the need for each other that brings harmony.

Singha took the male lead in the second act performing on his own as the narration begins to explain the masculine energy within his body.

The music determined the movement of the dancer. The Indian music in the background followed as their hands and feet moved. When their dancing sped up, so did the music. And when the dancers came to a halt, so did the music.

Bonnerjee performed on the third act where the music transitioned to a sad tune and her movements were filled with sorrow. Their story of love is filled with trials and tribulations.

An exquisite performance full of rhythm and uniqueness showed the immense talent and experience of both dancers. 

The performance finished with questions to Anusree and Nilesh by the audience. To learn more about Drutam Dance Ideas Lab visit their website.

To learn about upcoming Arts & Lectures series events, visit their website.

Magali Castillo is a recent transfer student to CSUSM majoring in Literature and Writing Studies with a minor in Global Studies. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. This is her first year as a staff writer for The Cougar Chronicle. She is also a content writer for Tasteless.Studio that is based in Los Angeles. She likes to write about current events, racial injustice, mental health, and anything that is taking place in the world.