Academic Senate endorses renaming building, streets named after late state legislator William Craven


Kat Parra

The Academic Senate is calling for Craven Road, Craven Circle and Craven Hall (pictured) to be renamed because of their namesake’s past comments about undocumented immigrants.

Anneliese Esparza, Editor-in-Chief

The Academic Senate voted to rename a building and streets named after the former Republican state legislator William Craven in their April 7 meeting. The senate resolution pointed to Craven’s past comments on undocumented immigrants, saying that they did not align with CSUSM’s values. 

“To continue its commitment to racial inclusion, and to advance its vital work to promote diversity, racial and social justice in meaningful ways, CSUSM should make the effort now to eliminate from the campus symbols that honor individuals who advocated nativism and white supremacy, in particular, the former California State Senator William A. Craven,” said the resolution.

The vote passed with 56 for, 2 against and 2 abstaining. Specifically, the resolution advocates renaming Craven Hall, Craven Road and Craven Circle and removing a bust of the late politician and CSUSM benefactor from campus.

Kat Parra

According to a San Diego Union-Tribune article, Craven referred to undocumented workers as “perhaps on the low scale of humanity, for one reason or another” during a 1993 Senate hearing. He said later that he meant the “lower rung of humanity, economically speaking.”

CSUSM has appointed a special committee to look into Craven’s legacy at the school and to determine if the building and streets will be renamed, according to the same Union-Tribune article.

The Academic Senate previously passed a similar resolution back in 1994, but the removal of Craven’s name from campus locations was rejected by then-president Bill Stacy.