Alumni Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with John Stevens

CSUSM alumnus John Stevens (‘20) shares what he’s been doing since graduation and reflects on his time on the baseball team.

Photo courtesy of the Office of Athletics

CSUSM alumnus John Stevens (‘20) shares what he’s been doing since graduation and reflects on his time on the baseball team.

Brittney Scardina, Sports Editor

John Stevens graduated in December 2020 with a B.S. in business administration. He talks about how life is since graduating and how CSUSM baseball has left him with many lifelong friends. 

How are you doing in life since graduating? 

My life since graduation has been amazing and challenging at the same time. I found a job right out of college in San Diego, where I currently live with my dog Zeke. 

What is your career/work right now? 

Currently, I am an event marketing specialist for Techtronic Industries, and I am in charge of overdriving sales for the power tool brands Milwaukee and Ryobi. 

How have experiences through CSUSM Athletics shaped you into who you are today? 

My experiences through CSUSM Athletics have really shown me how to grow as a person, teammate and professional. I have made lifelong friends through my time with the baseball team. Baseball teaches you how to grow from failure and deal with adversity in a team setting which has been crucial for me after graduating. Also, the skills attained from being a student-athlete give you an advantage in life after college. 

Are you still close friends with any teammates you played alongside with? 

Absolutely. Especially after moving back down to San Diego and being closer to my teammates has really kept us close. Our team was very close the years I was at San Marcos. Although we don’t necessarily talk all the time, we are all still close friends, and I think the majority of the team would agree. 

Favorite memory from being an athlete or on the baseball team? 

My favorite memory is being able to lace up the cleats and go to battle with my teammates each and every week, and of course, 434 Auburn Ave. 

Brittney Scardina is a senior at CSUSM who is majoring in literature and writing with a minor in communications. She is the Sports Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. After graduation, she hopes to move to New York and find an internship within the journalism field. Brittney also enjoys playing softball, reading and spending time with family and friends in her free time.