Alumni Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Shelby Eberwein


Photo courtesy of the Office of Athletics

Shelby Eberwein has carried many traits she learned being a CSUSM athlete into her personality and professional life and is doing great since graduating in 2019. She is currently working full-time at The Neurology Center in Carlsbad.

Ally Spooner, Assistant Sports Editor

Shelby Eberwein was a student athlete on the CSUSM track and field and cross country team for four years. She graduated from CSUSM in 2019 and continues to be involved in her sport and in touch with former teammates. She shares how her experiences at CSUSM have impacted her and what her life has been like after graduation.

How are you doing in life since graduating? 

Life after graduating is still just as busy and stressful as it was when I was in school. I am currently finishing up all of my prerequisites in order to apply for med school, and I’m working full time at The Neurology Center in Carlsbad. I am currently in the process of interviewing for the “Pathmaker Internship” at Palomar to gain extra hours and experience. 

How have experiences through CSUSM Athletics shaped you into who you are today? 

Being on the cross country and track team at CSUSM has brought me multiple traits that I’ve carried into my personal and professional life. Being an athlete taught me discipline, patience and how to be confident in everything I do. The lessons and skills I was taught on the track/course/field/court are lessons and skills that have translated into my personal and professional life. I am very thankful for everything CSUSM Athletics has done for me.

What’s your favorite memory of being an athlete at CSUSM? 

My favorite memory was during my junior cross country season when we qualified for the NCAA Nationals for the first time. It was our first official year in the division, and placing 8th in Nationals is a feeling I will never forget. Another memory tied for my favorite was when I qualified for the NCAA outdoor track nationals in the steeplechase. The emotions running through me at the moment were unreal, and the amount of love and support I received from my teammates during and after the race was better than the qualifying time. I still keep in contact with lots of my teammates and they are some of my closest friends!

Would you encourage others to pursue athletics at CSUSM?

CSUSM was honestly the best decision for me academically, athletically and socially. I always recommend prospective athletes to check out CSUSM because it can offer them the full package of a college experience.

Do you still participate in your sport at all?

Yes! I go for casual runs now, nothing as intense as it was when I was training for the season as a college athlete. A leisurely three mile run rather than a long eight to ten mile run! It is still really fun to be able to do something I love and have this sport still be really present in my life. 

Ally Spooner is a fourth year communication major and the Assistant Sports Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. Ally just finished her term as the chapter president of Alpha Chi Omega and is a former member of the women’s soccer team at CSUSM. Ally has hopes of pursuing a career in sports broadcasting, production or journalism and it would be her dream to work at ESPN. In her spare time, Ally enjoys watching sports, going on long walks and spending time with her dog.