Life After Graduation: Q&A with Phillip Dorado


Photo courtesy of the Office of Athletics

Phillip Dorado’s favorite competition as a student athlete was when his team made it to West Regionals in 2019.

Brittney Scardina, Sports Editor

Phillip Dorado is a graduating senior on the men’s track and field and cross country team majoring in economics. He says he will miss all the friendships and connections he has made through CSUSM. Dorado plans to stay connected to track by pursuing running competitively in the future.

What are your plans after graduation? 

I am applying for Long Beach’s sports management program. I find out a little into the summer on whether I get in or not. After that, hopefully, I will make the team for Long Beach because I have one more year of eligibility for track. Hopefully, I can use that there and make the team and compete. Ideally, I would like to continue running competitively a few years after college because I have always wanted to do it. I want to see where that takes me and hopefully can leave off on a good note. Ultimately, my long-term goal is to work for a sports franchise in the front office. 

How have experiences through CSUSM Athletics impacted who you are today? 

The first thing is how close knit the entire athletics department is. My team has been pretty close, and those are some of my closest friends that I have. Everyone in the athletic department is super welcoming, supportive, and helpful. I have gotten a lot closer with Jason Stock, who is our compliance director. It has been cool to talk to him more, and before in high school, I was never close with anyone in that athletic department, and it was cool to establish that kind of bond and find somebody like that to be a mentor. 

What is your favorite memory from being an athlete?

Probably West Regionals in the fall of 2019. It was really cool because we wanted to qualify for Nationals, but finding out we automatically qualified for regionals was awesome because it was in California. So a lot of our families got to come because it wasn’t too far. That was probably my favorite memory. 

What advice would you give to any new athletes coming into college? 

I would say to use your resources because that is what is going to help you. Get to know your faculty and everyone in the department because they are extremely helpful resources that you can use. 

Do you plan to somehow stay connected to your sport after graduating? 

I really want to try staying connected through competitive track. I know it is going to be hard. I would be happy if I even did it for a handful of years. I am definitely going to stay connected to my coach and the team because they are like a second home to me. 

What will you miss most about CSUSM?

I will miss being surrounded by friends and people. I will miss knowing that I will see someone I know and hang out with them every day. I recently just moved out of my apartment; it has been a while since I have seen any of my old roommates, and those are people I am closest to the most. I will miss all the connections I have made and seeing everyone, but I will miss them all the most because those are the best memories. 

Brittney Scardina is a senior at CSUSM who is majoring in literature and writing with a minor in communications. She is the Sports Editor for The Cougar Chronicle. After graduation, she hopes to move to New York and find an internship within the journalism field. Brittney also enjoys playing softball, reading and spending time with family and friends in her free time.