The return of film night at CSUSM

Julieta Enriquez, Staff Writer

The official return of movie night at CSUSM after being on hiatus from Covid-19 was hosted for the first time on September 8, 2021. The film that was screened was one of Marvel’s latest films, Black Widow.

There were many students who came to watch Black Widow in the USU Full Ballroom practicing social distancing.

Students had the chance to enjoy a movie on campus thanks to movie night. (Photo from Pixaby on Pexels.)

Students brought their own personal blankets to sit down and free snacks were provided. Jenny, a biotech major said, “I think it is a great addition to have because it is college and we don’t socialize as much. To have events like this is great to socialize.”

Another student, Long, a computer science major added “ I think it is great to be able to get together and socialize.” The University Student Union has a variety of upcoming events for students to experience.

Cougar Cinema will be hosted monthly for students to enjoy films with other students while eating free snacks provided by USU Live! For more information on future films, visit