Best study spots at CSUSM


Photo by Valeria Serna

CSUSM has plenty of spaces on campus perfect for studying.

Valeria Serna, Staff Writer

With campus life slowly returning back to normalcy, students are either getting reacquainted with or navigating their way through CSUSM. While the campus isn’t as large as other universities, students make the most of what the campus has to offer.

At Cal State San Marcos there are several locations here on campus that are the perfect place for studying, completing assignments and projects.  The first and most popular area to study in is the Kellogg’s Library. There are five floors in total, and each level consists of several work  spaces and great resources for all students.

If you want to work outside with a nice view however, the fifth floor has a terrace consisting of comfortable furniture.  There are also many benches and tables located in front of the library’s main entrance, by Starbucks , for use as well.

Or, if you want to work with a group of friends. The ideal location is a study room, which can be rented out through the CSUSM app at any time.

Another popular choice is in front of the University Student Union. You’ll have a nice view of the campus and easy access to dining services if you’re craving a quick study snack. These are just a few of the many locations at CSUSM that are the ideal spot for completing assignments.

Other areas include “The Dome,” located outside the University Store, the tables behind the Social Science and Behavioral Building and the Commuter Lounge which is located on the first floor of the University Student Union.

Happy studying!