Campus mask mandate keeps the campus community safe from COVID


Photo by Tania Ortiz

The campus wide mask mandate helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the CSUSM community.

Brittany Stroffolino, Staff Writer

March 2020 was the last time I walked into work without a mask. I remember asking my  manager if the mask was necessary, since I did not want to ruin my makeup. I also claimed that it  was difficult to breathe in with hopes of being excused from this new mandate.

Over a year has passed and I still wear a mask into any place of business despite being fully vaccinated. The initial fear of masks came from the uncertainty of what it meant and how communities would change from these mandates.

Knowing that masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others should have diluted any fear or resistance towards wearing them.

That has not been the case. There are people who have never worn a mask, nor do they plan on doing so . Arguing with store employees seems  more supple than the thought of wearing an important piece of material to some.

The vaccination is another outcome of COVID-19 that people are continuously pushing back  against. The shot takes less than a minute and the side effects vary but it all leads to one  outcome, protecting society from the virus.

CSUSM instituting a mask mandate despite vaccination status brings protection to students all over campus. If the campus officials  were to implement the honor system and allow only vaccinated students to go maskless, there would be fewer masks and the possibility of COVID-19 spreading on campus would increase.

Allowing students to vote on a mandate that has been in place all across California for over a year would be tedious and unnecessary. The topic of masks has become political and was even the basis for the recent recall election on our Governor. A decision like this is something that should not be up for debate.

Students deserve to be safe on their campus. They should be able to entrust that the administration is looking out for their best interest while they pursue their dreams at CSUSM.

Students like myself  are focused on creating a life past the pandemic and see nothing wrong with the mask mandate on campus. Students work hard to achieve their degree, something as miniscule as wearing a mask would not and should not stop them from continuing their education.