CSUSM’s Theatre Arts Department Presents: “The Hatmaker’s Wife”


Photo courtesy of CSUSM Theatre Department

“The Hatmaker’s Wife” is the first in-person production post-pandemic for the CSUSM Theatre Department.

Natalie Navarro, Opinion Editor

On Sept. 9, CSUSM’s Theatre Arts Department debuted the first play of the fall semester,  “The Hatmaker’s Wife,” a play written by Lauren Yee and directed by CSUSM theatre professor Jason Heil. The performance was extra special because it is the first in-person event since before the pandemic.

“The Hatmaker’s Wife” centers around a couple moving into their first apartment. Soon after their last items are brought in, the protagonist is entered into a world that intertwines with the apartment’s past and present. The play is a comedic drama riddled with themes such as family, love, and regrets.

The play takes on a metaphysical structure, blending flashbacks and present conversations throughout the plot. The plot is so niched it can be hard to summarize accurately, the play would best be experienced first-hand. “The Hatmaker’s Wife” is also a production that ends with more questions than answers, keeping audiences hooked long after leaving their seats.

While the stage setting takes a minimalist approach, both the actors and technical elements shine greatly to audiences. The play’s technicalities and acting sections did well to enhance each other and stand out altogether.

Overall, “The Hatmaker’s Wife” is a charming production; the team worked hard to put it together.

Those who missed the chance to see the play, there’s luckily a few more productions coming later in the semester. These include “Way of the Witch: A New Musical” performing October 9-10, “The Thanksgiving Play” performing November 17-20, and “Don’t Dress for Dinner” performing December 9-11.