San Marcos Farmers Market brings the community together


Photo by Magali Castillo

The San Marcos Farmers Market brings the community together on Tuesdays.

Magali Castillo, Features Editor

Every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. the San Marcos Farmers Market is held where many students, professional staff and locals get together to try new foods or buy homegoods from local sellers. It is located by the QUAD housing complex in between the Block C apartments and the Umami Restaurant.

Each farmers market is different because new sellers are added to the market every week. However, Rafikiz Foods, a traditional Kenyan Food stand, is a crowd pleaser. With Frida Street Tacos, House of Bao and Lady G’s Canteen following are also staples  that have many people lined up to order food.

At the Farmer’s market, fresh fruits and vegetables are available to buy. They are fresh from the farm which is something that is often not available in grocery stores.

The San Marcos Farmers Market has created a community where many people come to try new foods, buy fresh produce, and experience a small town feeling living in a city.

The farmer’s market  was revamped in the Summer of 2020. It features a collection of vendors that range from baked goods, fresh cut flowers, homemade soups and salsas, bread, fish, yogurt, handmade jewelry and apparel.

In addition, as you take the stroll of vendors tents there is live music featuring talented musicians with a variety of genres played each Tuesday entertaining the crowd.

Feel free to stop by the farmer’s market if you are near campus on a Tuesday afternoon.