The Kellogg Library locker brings convenient solutions to students


Photo by Tania Ortiz

The library lockers provide students easy access to materials.

Nijat Mamtimen, Staff Writer

The Kellogg Library provides students accessible and convenient lockers to pick up their materials. In addition, CSU, CUS+, and ICC give students free materials available for borrowing.

The Library Locker offers 24-hour service for six days for users picking up their items.

Students can order materials through the CSUSM’s library website and after an order has been completed, a notification will be sent to the student’s email with an access code or they can use the LUXER One app to pick up their materials.

Nonetheless, using LUXER One is very easy to use. Students can sign up for the app and will receive a temporary password to create an account.

The Library Lockers automatically send borrowers notifications within five minutes of their orders being received. Students should check their email, phone or LUXER One.

To return the materials, you can drop off your items in the Library Return bins at Craven Circle or mail the borrowed materials to California State University San Marcos, students can find the address on the website.

While the lockers can hold an item for six days, if an item has not been picked up within five days, it will be returned to the library and sent back to the original lender.

When a high locker requesting demand is overloaded, the library will face locker shortages. Therefore, if there is no safe box for orders to be placed within five days, it will be mailed to students.

The Library Locker requires no items to be leftover. Any unwanted item must be returned to the Library Return boxes.

The benefits of the lockers are multiple and various. The lockers are automatic, so users can access their vault and take their materials without in-person assistance. Regardless of the environment, a safer can carry an item for unlimited time.

Furthermore, the lockers are placed in the remote area of the campus to save everyone’s time to go to the library. Yet, with touchpad control, the device can remotely open a locker, according to the International Library Service Company.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the campus community has become aware and cautious to protect each other and hopes life will soon get back to normal. Therefore, Cal State San Marcos enforces helpful guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus by wearing a facemask and maintaining six feet social distance, according to the COVID-19 Campus Resources and Guidelines.

Following the university’s guidance, the Library Locker allows users to avoid in-person pick-up by using the lockers as a safe zone to keep their items.

The library staff is required to wear gloves and a face covering at all times. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, after an item is taken, staff members will clean the lockers with sanitizer or a mild soap solution.

Currently, students, faculties, and staff are qualified to use the Library Locker. In the future, the service will be expanded to the areas outside of Cal State San Marcos. The convenience of the locker can give users timesaving, contactless and innovative experiences.

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