CSUSM vaccine mandate helps keep campus community safe


Photo by R.F._Studios on Pexels

Universities attempt to create a safe environment against COVID with vaccine mandates.

Sayna Nassertorabi, Staff Writer

Almost every university that opened their campus  during the COVID-19 pandemic  has some sort of a mandate in place to keep the students and faculty safe.

CSUSM has taken a huge step to keep the students safe by  giving  them the freedom to decide whether they want the vaccine or not.

Many schools and universities have mandatory vaccine regulations for their students, but I also think institutions are kind enough to let their students decide whether they want to receive the vaccine or not.

I believe schools that either require weekly testing or proof of vaccination provide an excellent solution because they give students the freedom to choose while at the same time keep the campus safe for staff and students.

I do not think it is harsh for the students who do not get vaccinated to get tested every week because with the COVID-19  pandemic, we should think about everybody else and not just ourselves.

Many other schools require students who have not been vaccinated to undergo weekly COVID testing, so this requirement is not harsh or difficult to follow.

According to an article by Chris Burt for universitybusiness.com,  many of the California universities require the same  regulation. The article also shares a list of all the universities that require students and faculty to get vaccinated.

I also believe that it is necessary for universities to keep their campuses safe for students and faculty. These vaccine and mask mandates are in place to provide a sense of security for individuals who step on campus this year.