CSUSM alumni documents life after stroke in new memoir


Photo courtesy of Alfred Chu

“Stroke: Recovering from Human Errors” is available on Amazon and Google Books.

Jose Valdovinos, Staff Writer

After suffering a stroke in 2010, CSUSM Alumni Alfred Chu’s post-graduation plans would be sidelined, changing his life forever. However, Chu would find a sense of purpose through the production of his memoir, “Stroke: Recovering from Human Errors.”

Chu’s memoir is very detail orientated as it documents his life before and after his stroke, commenting on the cause of his illness and the many challenges and life alterations that come when having a stroke.

Chu begins by documenting his time looking for employment in San Diego, eventually landing a job as a door-to-door office supplies salesman. Eventually, Chu decides to fly to Hong Kong for a Mandarin certification program.

It is during this time that Chu is prescribed Cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant drug meant to treat his chronic Psoriasis. However, after suffering from constant headaches, Chu’s doctor would warn him to stop taking Cyclosporine, telling him that his body was preparing for a stroke. After contracting a “superbug,” Chu would suffer from the stroke.

From there he would have to adjust to numerous lifestyle changes, such as a new diet, regular hospital visits, daily limb exercises and assisted living.

My favorite aspect of Chu’s memoir would be his outlook on all of the difficulties, ranging from the increased difficulty of everyday tasks, rude caretakers and health setbacks. Yet Chu still remains optimistic and thankful for his family and for the people that helped him with his illness.

Chu is still optimistic that by continuing to follow his new lifestyle, he will be able to walk again, which is something that I find to be very inspirational

“Stroke: Recovering from Human Errors” is a memoir about continuing to persevere against insurmountable odds and I highly recommend that people read the memoir for themselves.

“Stroke: Recovering from Human Errors” is available on Amazon and Google Books. https://www.amazon.com/Stroke-Recovering-Errors-Alfred-Chu/dp/1647020956