Practice self care through mediation sessions


Screenshot by Magali Castillo

Dr. Juan Alvarez creates a welcoming environment for students during Mindfulness Mondays.

Magali Castillo, Features Editor

Open to the entire CSUSM Campus community on Mondays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Dr. Juan Alvarez hosts a meditation session for students to focus on being in the present. Dr. Alvarez shares different practices of meditation. He gives a brief overview of mindfulness and what the session will consist of.

The first practice that he shares is about connecting your body and breath. Dr. Alvarez recommends that as you focus on your breathing you can lay down to focus on your breath. He creates  a welcoming environment where students are able to share what they are feeling by either unmuting their microphone or commenting on the chat.

The second practice revolves around a love and kindness meditation,by practicing  becoming aware of our minds in the way that we are judgemental and critical. He called this practice a spiritual secular practice, where you are sending kindness and love to yourself and others. On his screen he shared statements to say but students were  welcome to create their own statements.

In the third practice that he shared, students engaged in a therapeutic drawing activity that involves coloring and listening to peaceful music. He stated that it’s okay if our mind wanders and thinks of the tasks we must do. Adding that  it takes practice to focus to be in the moment. Students shared the drawings they made.

Dr. Alvarez shared resources that the Student Health and Counseling Services have for students. Students are welcomed to stay for the entire session or leave early. If you ever need a relaxing and calming session to unwind every Monday drop into Dr. Alvarez’s sessions!

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