Netflix’s original series Maid looks into familial complications


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Maid is a touching series about a single-mother going through the trials and tribulations of life.

Sayna Nassertorabi, Staff Writer

This review contains spoilers.

Many people have been talking about newly-released series on Netflix. One of those series that have been on the top ten list for a while now is Maid.

Maid is a limited-series released on Oct. 1. The series follows Alex, a young woman who escapes her abusive boyfriend with her daughter  Maddy.

After she leaves her boyfriend, her problems grow even bigger because she then has  to face the difficulties of being a single mother in a harsh world. Margaret Qualley shows an incredible performance as Alex, making the audience feel sincere empathy for her character as she takes on a new life as a single mother. The young mother  has never been in the real world by herself and now must go through struggles of finding a job, housing, and a good daycare for her child.

Among these struggles, she also has to go through a custody battle with her abusive now-ex-boyfriend Sean, played by Nick Robinson of the film Love, Simon. After coming to an agreement with him to share custody, Alex still continues to struggle with housing after being kicked out of multiple places.

Her ex-boyfriend catches her in a time of vulnerability, and that’s when Alex gives in to his constant apologies and claims that he has changed. After Alex moves back in with him and tells him about her plan to attend college, he once again turns into the old version of himself and makes Alex a prisoner in his home.

This is when Alex comes to the final realization that she wants to leave him for good. After a final custody battle, Alex and Sean finally come to an agreement that Alex should get full custody. In the end, Alex moves to Montana with her daughter to attend college. Maid is a series that many would definitely recommend.

The series is worth a watch because it shows the struggles and strength it takes to become independent. The story depicted in Maid can help someone who has been in the same place and was a victim of domestic violence.