Midterms stress can be lessened practicing self-care and time management


Graphic by Mallory Arcena

Students are facing more stress during midterms this fall.

Jaiden Quiroz, Staff Writer

From university to university across the country, midterm season is taking form and opening the floor for additional academic stress upon students.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us a lot about education, academic stress and stress within our personal lives. Students  have experienced test taking formats in a new way,  coming to the realization that this semester will revert back into this old habit of testing a more difficult transition than originally perceived.

Over the course of the pandemic, more programs and events have been provided by universities to combat excess stress students are facing. CSUSM is one of those universities.

During midterms season, CSUSM works tirelessly to provide online and in-person events and workshops to  help students prepare for testing and teach them different ways to  deal with stress.

Truthfully, I am  a student who has attended these workshops since I was a freshman here at CSUSM.

I  found these programs to be extremely beneficial to my academic success in terms of how I manage any stress I experience and  how to determine which study tips work best for my type of learning. Therefore, gaining an understanding for the importance of time management when midterms begin.

Some tips that I have learned  could help your testing experience go smoothly are : 1) create a schedule of your study and test days a week or two in advance (this could be written in a journal or planner of some sort), 2) set aside  time to do self-care activities such as  a nature walk or listening to a guided meditation practice because 10 minutes can go a long way and 3) maintain eating consistent, balanced meals everyday.

In all honesty, I am not the best test taker and understand  it is  something that I have to work  hard at. Nonetheless, I do recognize my growth over the past four years and  am  appreciative of the support I have received from my professors, friends and family.

This semester I decided to take on six classes, a part time job, two volunteer programs and a leadership position within my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. Needless to say this has been my busiest semester , but I have enjoyed every moment because it has given me the structure I need in order to be successful both socially and academically.

Transitioning back into the schedule of attending in-person classes, presentation anxiety and written exams has been challenging for me. However, I acknowledge that challenges are a blessing in disguise because they teach you that you are capable of more than you might think. I have recognized this through the  current midterms season.

I believe that midterms can cause a lot of stress, but our interpretations as to how we manage it can be learned, practiced and achieved successfully. I encourage you all to research various test taking strategies, different self-care activities, and attend some of the testing taking workshops here on campus.

Good luck on your midterms Cougars!