Spring 2022 course schedule now available

Cassidy Lovell, Staff Writer

The Spring 2022 class schedule officially became available on Nov. 19. Students are now able to view classes and add them to their shopping carts.

Classes are available in a variety of formats: in-person, hybrid, and online. A majority of classes appear to be held entirely in-person or hybrid, with fewer classes being offered fully online. This makes an entirely virtual schedule more challenging to create. 

With fewer fully online courses, it seems the option to opt-out of vaccination due to being fully remote is no longer available. An email from the university sent on Nov. 8 said, “Students who indicated that they would remain fully remote for the duration of the fall and not access on-campus facilities or participate with in-person activities won’t have that option for the spring 2022 semester.” 

Regardless of class format, students are required to submit their vaccination records or request a medical or religious exemption.  Students who have not submitted this information to the university may face a registration hold on their accounts.

With a large number of classes returning to campus, some students are satisfied with the selection but remain concerned about the sudden surplus of students on campus. Nik Chrissanthos, a third-year student, said “the classes I was hoping for are all available. I’d say the return to fully in-person classes is okay, not ideal, but at least there are still options for hybrid. I don’t feel at risk as some others might because I’m vaccinated, wear a mask almost everywhere, and wash and sanitize my hands frequently. I’m more concerned about catching it and giving it to [someone else].”

Some students are eager to return to campus and fully in-person learning, and are dissatisfied by the continuing presence of online courses. 

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said “I was really hoping the selection for the upcoming semester would consist of more fully in-person classes than not. I recognize that it has opened up more, but subjectively speaking, I honestly still don’t have a lot of the classes I want fully in-person. Quite a few are online, and some hybrid if I’m lucky. The classes I want are available to take, yes, but are not in the format I would prefer – that being fully in person.”

Enrollment begins Nov. 29th, and enrollment dates are based on the student’s remaining units. For continuing cougars, enrollment dates may fall anywhere from Nov. 29 to Dec. 10. Students should have received their assigned enrollment date in an email from the university, but the date is available to see through MyCSUSM as well. New students can expect an email from the university on Dec. 10 containing their assigned enrollment date. This date will fall anywhere from Dec. 15 to Dec 17.

Spring semester begins Jan. 24, 2022. To view the class schedule and other Spring 2022 information, visit https://www.csusm.edu/enroll/enrollment/spring_2022/index.html.