CSUSM to participate in Giving Day

Tania Ortiz, Editor-in-Chief

CSUSM will hold its own Giving Day fundraising on Nov. 30 for 24 hours. The fundraising event will be held on global Giving Tuesday.

Giving Day donations impact “students as they strive toward their goal of a CSUSM degree,” according to the CSUSM website.

As to where these donations will be specifically used for, it depends on which fund community members, students and their families decide to lend their support to. All donations that do not have a specific fund designation will be deposited into the University Fund for Excellence and Innovation; these funds will go directly to where money is needed the most at the university.

Many CSUSM organizations and programs participate in Giving Day fundraising, including the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC), the Cougar Pantry and many more. The Cougar Pantry aims to raise $8,000 this Giving Day, the donations are used to support pantry operation and provide additional food options, hygiene products and parenting supplies.

Another campus program, the Black Student Center is raising funds for their Black University Innovation and Leadership Development (BUILD) this year. The Black Student Center has developed new support programs and initiatives in their center, like The Melanated Art Collective and Alliance of Black Athletes. The support, “will allow our students to have leadership experiences locally, regionally, and nationally,” according to the center’s page on the Giving Day website.

According to the Giving Day website, there is no minimum amount in which one can donate, as donations of every size are welcomed by the programs and organizations participating. In general, the university aims to raise more than last year as the more money raised, the more CSUSM students will benefit. The website also states it hopes to see “at least 250 first-time donors,” to continue creating a community of people who support CSUSM.

For more information and a detailed list of programs and organizations participating in Giving Day, please visit https://give.csusm.edu/s/1932/dg20/home.aspx?gid=2&pgid=467.