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The third season of You is available to stream on Netflix.

Photo from Wikipedia, property of Netflix.

The third season of You is available to stream on Netflix.

Kristin Bergmann

 Movie: Spencer

Spencer follows the story of Princess Diana before her split from Prince Charles. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of NEON/ Topic Studios)

Released on Nov. 5, Spencer follows the story of Princess Diana’s struggles with her family, a pending divorce, and her mental health. Kristen Stewart portrays Princess Diana does an impeccable job at conveying Diana’s deep feelings of depression and despair. Despite her struggles, the royals try to keep up a peaceful facade. The film’s costume design has outfits that resemble Princess Diana’s most iconic looks. Despite its authenticity, Spencer lacks tension, there’s no event that shakes the audience to its core.  Revealing the coldness inside the royal walls,  Spencer is now available in theaters.



Jaiden Quiroz

Podcast: College Life Podcast

Alicia Sepulveda hosts the podcast College Life Podcast, using the platform to discuss all things college. In her podcast, she emphasizes the importance of university students sharing their experiences with each other and interviews current students, recent graduates and faculty from universities around the country. Some themes include common challenges, victories and opportunities students may have on campus. Sepulveda conducts an occasional short segment called “College Quickie,” which are episodes that provide information about things like steps to improve your mental health or books that a student can buy in order to enhance their time management skills.


Cassidy Lovell

Video Game: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise was released on Nov. 5.
(Photo from Wikipedia, property of Nintendo.)

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise released Nov. 5. Launched alongside the Animal Crossing 2.0 update, thousands of items and hundreds of hours of gameplay content were added. Animal villagers arrive at the relaxing island resort, an archipelago, in search of their dream vacation home. From there, players work on creating the perfect environment for their villagers: renovating the house, decorating the yard, assigning roommates and even changing the weather. Happy Home Paradise, named after the former Happy Home Designer, is a paid downloadable content and requires the base game Animal Crossing New Horizons. 



Kristin Bergmann

Show: You

In season three of You, Joe Goldberg and his wife, Love Quinn, try to navigate parenthood, marriage  and nosy neighbors. Falling back into old patterns, Joe begins stalking women again after having an affair with another woman. Over time, Joe and Love

The third season of You is available to stream on Netflix. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Netflix.)

uncover each other‘s secrets, but stick together for their son. Season three is twisted and intense, but the storyline of Joe stalking his love interest is repetitive. Season three of You takes viewers into the wicked minds of two people whose love turns into obsession, and is now available to stream on Netflix.