COVID’s Game Cancellations

Zoe Silva, Sports Editor

On January 15th, 2022, Cal State University San Marcos’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball games were canceled against Stanislaus State due to Covid.

The schedule games will be shown as “No Contest” on records, leaving no room for an effected score on conference records for either team. Aside from this game, all other games should continue as planned as shown on the CSUSM game schedule.

Covid has been inhibiting the lives of students all over for three years now, causing for a lot of conflict in the world of athletics. Below is a list of game cancelations in the Men’s and Women’s 2021-22 basketball season as a result of Covid-19.

Men’s Basketball vs. Westcliff University/ Canceled by Westcliff / Sunday, Dec. 19

Men’s Basketball vs. Humboldt State / No Contest / Thursday, Jan. 6

Men’s Basketball vs. Stanislaus State / No Contest / Saturday, Jan. 15

Women’s Basketball vs. Humboldt State / No Contest / Thursday, Jan. 6

Women’s Basketball vs. Stanislaus State / No Contest / Saturday, Jan. 15

There have been many safety precautions taken to ensure the health of our student athletes such as regulated testing of all players and staff and the mandation of mask wearing. The Department of Athletics at Cal State University San Marcos also made a decision to suspend spectator attendance for all Men’s and Women’s basketball events.

As more obstacles are thrown at the Cougars, nothing will lower the spirits of those who bleed blue. The Department of Athletics is doing a fantastic job in following all rules and regulations to allow athletes to continue their seasons without the interruption of Covid.

Both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are in the last half of their seasons, with high hopes for finals.

The Cougars on the Women’s team are proudly defending their season with an overall 13-2, winning every away game thus far. On the Men’s team, their season is an overall 14-2, only recently being defeated.

Statistics for the 2021-22 season are incredible with the Men’s team having a total of 1,234 points, 551 rebounds, 202 assists, 152 steals, and 28 blocks. On the Women’s team, there has been a total of 1,134 points, 561 rebounds, 243 assists, 129 steals, and 28 blocks.

These numbers can only go up from here, allowing for an exciting season to watch for both NCAA Division II teams.