Winning streak ends for Men’s Basketball

Zoe Silva, Sports Editor

It is a great 2021- 22 season for the Cougars on the men’s basketball team at Cal State University San Marcos.

Up until their recent game on Jan. 22 against Cal State San Bernardino, the Cougars have been undefeated with a winning streak of 13-0. In their third consecutive overtime game, the men’s basketball team had their first defeat against the Coyotes with a score of 64-74 at Coussoulis Arena.

The Cougars have played in three consecutive overtime games once before in their 2015-16 season. This is also their second longest winning streak since the program began in ‘98 and their longest in their NCAA Division II Era, the prior being six.

San Bernardino led the first half of the game with 9-2 on the scoreboard; however, with high spirits, the Cougars fought their way up to 18-17, leading by one. With an eleven point difference of 35-24, CSUSB came into the lead by half time as a result of Dayton Jenning’s 12 point run up.

Returning from the locker room, the Coyotes were leading 38-26 in the first minute of the second half. A quick turn of events, keeping the crowd on their toes.

With just eight and a half minutes left in the game, the score came to a one point difference, the Cougars leading 46-45. Neck in neck with just a point lying between the two teams, CSUSM pulled ahead 49-47 due to #32, Greg Milton III with a jumper and free throw.

A little less than four minutes left of the second half, San Bernardino leads with 58-55. With great performances from both teams, the game could have ended with a win in either direction.

Milton, coming to the rescue, made a freethrow and a layup with just 14 seconds left on the clock, allowing a lead of 63-61 for CSUSM. With only 5 seconds left of the game, Cougars fouled on an attempted three point shot, allowing San Bernardino to pull a tie, scoring two out of three free throws by Brandon Knapper.

Knapper’s points sent the game into overtime, leading to victory for Cal State San Bernardino. Regardless of the loss, CSUSM played an amazing game with four game leaders. Coming in first is #32, Greg Milton III with a whopping 33 points. #21 Joel Mensah made 12 points, #10 Alex Gil-Fernandez with 6 points, and finishing up with #3 Jayce McCain having scored 4 points.

Leading the season, Milton’s performance is the best the Cougars have seen since 2018 according to California State University San Marcos Athletics, the official site of the Cougars. “Milton’s 33 points tied for the eighth most in program history and were the most by a Cougar since Ethan Alvano’s 38 against Cal State Monterey Bay on Jan. 13, 2018”.

With six ties and 14 lead changes, CSUSM vs. CSUSB was a great game. To see more Cougar action, tune in to to watch how the Cal State University San Marcos men’s basketball season ends.