Learn about Graduate School through TRIO McNair Scholars Info Sessions


Magali Castillo, Features Editor

The transition after graduating college is an open road that may lead to many avenues one of being  graduate school. The TRIO McNair Scholars is hosting information sessions through zoom on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Assistant Director of the program, Dr. Ray Malfavon-Borja hosts the information session.

Dr. Malfavon-Borja  introduces himself plus asks the students to share their major and career aspirations. After learning what students would like to pursue he goes through an overview of the information session.

One of the things he shared was that instead of pursuing his masters he was able to go pursue his Ph.D. which is something that the TRIO McNair Scholars program encourages their students to do.

TRIO McNair Scholars program’s goal is to motivate underrepresented students to aspire  graduate degrees. Their aim is to assist students in their undergraduate studies and prepare them to thrive in graduate school.

Dr. Malfavon-Borja shared resources that the Office for Training, Research, and Education in the Sciences (OTRES) have for students. If you want to learn more about graduate school, the TRIO McNair Scholars program is having three more information sessions on Feb 23, March 2nd, and March 9th. Save the date!

To learn more visit, https://www.csusm.edu/mcnair/index.html.