ASI Election Q&A: Ernest Cisneros

Nijat Mamtimen, Assistant Sports Editor

Cisneros is running for ASI Vice President.

(1). Could you tell me about yourself? (Name, major, graduation date, hometown)

​My name is Ernest Cisneros, and I’m a 2nd year Social Sciences major set to graduate in 2024. I’m from Colton, California, which is in the Inland Empire.

(2). What is your ASI background, and how does it make you qualified for your potential position?

I’m currently serving as the 2021-22 CHABSS Representative on the Board of Directors. It’s been really great being on the board this past year, and I’ve gotten to meet so many new people on campus and learn so much about how our campus works. I believe spending a year as a CHABSS Representative has given me the experience and insight into running for Vice President of Student & University Affairs.

(3). What are the obstacles ASI is facing now? How do you plan to fix these problems?

There are a lot of concerns from students that ASI is actively engaged and concerned about. Our campus is coming off two years of being at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I like to think that our campus community is rebuilding, and we have a unique chance to be a part of that. Students, including myself, are figuring out which class modality works best for themself, and there’s a lot of confusion and unknowns surrounding that. Additionally, we as an organization and campus need to continue to focus on engaging our students back ON campus. These are just a couple of things happening on our campus, things that will take a while to adjust to and figure out; all our campus entities need to work together for the greater good of ALL our students on campus. I’m ready to help lead the conversations and unite us together to work together to figure out the best possible solutions for our students.

(4). Do you have a website for students to follow you? (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Instagram: @mateocisneros16

Twitter: @ernestmcisneros

(5). Are you in charge of any ASI events this year? If yes, what is it? If not, how else have you made a difference on campus?

Last semester, I organized the 2021 ASI Student Art Exhibition initiative where students could submit created art that represented their time during COVID-19 and being at home; this initiative had 15 student submissions, and we also held a gallery unveiling in February to showcase the submissions from 2021 and 2019. I’ve organized first-ever CHABSS Chats, which are informal town halls specific to CHABSS students, to get updates and information related to them and their majors. I’m also working with our current VP of Student & University Affairs, Julia Glorioso, on the March Happiness Calendar initiative, which is happening throughout March with events, collaborations, and social media challenges related to happiness positive mental health.

(6). What is your ideal lunch?

My ideal lunch is a Chipotle Chicken Avocado melt from Panera Bread.