Men’s lacrosse breaks records and battles obstacles

Zoe Silva, Sports Editor

What is lacrosse? Is it football with sticks? Soccer with a smaller ball? Basketball without a hoop?

Men’s lacrosse is a bit of every kind of sport, and that is why the game is so entertaining. CSUSM has its’ very own men’s team under the Division II Southern Lacrosse Conference.

So far this season, the Cougars have competed in 7 games with 5 wins, and only 2 defeats. Their President,  #22, Tanner Peach, has been kind enough to share a few words about the ‘22 spring season thus far.

How do you feel your team is doing this season?

“We don’t have as many players on the team as we have in years past; however, with our light roster, we have tons of talent. We have been able to build chemistry within a few weeks of playing together, and so far, our hard work has paid off, with a record of (5-2) on the season.”

Do you believe that your team can make it to Nationals?

“Yes we have a strong chance of making it to Nationals especially due to the addition of our new Coaching Staff. Coach Wyatt Ehrhardt stepped up from his assistant position and is now the head coach of our program. We have also acquired Zach Walker as part of our offensive coordinator and Matt Lizotte as our defensive coordinator.” The team’s treasure,  #33, Austin Contreras,  also spread some light onto the team’s performance this year.

When do playoffs take place for your league? 

“Playoffs will be held April 29th- May 1st in Arizona. It will be our SLC Regional Tournament. The team is looking really good right now, so those games should be a lot of fun.”

How is the team dynamic this year? 

“Being on this team has been one of the best experiences in my entire life. We’ve had a lot of guys who have played together for a long time. One of the guys, Brown, #6, has been with me since high school, and another guy has been with me since 7th grade. We all work hard to build team chemistry and hold each other accountable.”

The team just had their last home game on Saturday, April 9th. They celebrated their senior day with a 17-8 victory against USD. Their next game will be held on Saturday, April 16th against UCSD at 7PM on the Triton’s turf.

Best of luck to our Cougars!