Halloween marks the last day for this season’s pumpkin patch


Brittany Stroffolino

This small local pumpkin patch has been a San Marcos favorite for years.

Brittany Stroffolino, Staff Writer

Fall is upon us once again! The air is (supposed to be) cooling down, pumpkin spice candles are on display and the once empty dirt lots are filled with pumpkins again.

Every year around the end of September pumpkin patches start to pop up all around the states. They are great places to bond with close friends and family. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with loved ones in a field of bright orange pumpkins? 

Our city of San Marcos has one longstanding pumpkin patch. Tom’s Adventure Pumpkin Patch is located on Discovery St right by San Marcos High School. Locals have been attending this patch for years, some don’t even need directions since it is always in the same spot!  

Tom’s Adventure Pumpkin Patch has a lot to offer the community and patrons. There are seven inflatables that consist of obstacle courses, a climbing pyramid, inflatable slides and classic bounce houses. For the younger kids there is also a trampoline section where they can be harnessed in and bungee jump to “extreme” heights.  

Admission to the pumpkin patch is only $1 and the parking is free, which is every person’s favorite thing to hear. Each ride costs a different amount ranging from $6 to $12.  

Rides may catch the children’s eye, but the pumpkins are the real stars. When you first enter and as you are walking along the paths you are surrounded by pumpkins on the floor or on the haystacks.  

Each pumpkin is different in its own way. Similar to snowflakes, not one pumpkin is exactly alike. This quaint pumpkin patch is picture worthy and a good time for the families and residents of San Marcos. You don’t have to drive far to embrace the season fall with open arms